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Lovin’ Louisiana

Sometimes I believe I have the best job ever. Thursday morning when my alarm went off at 4:15 am… I was not convinced… but from the moment I touched down at the Monroe Airport, I was lovin Louisiana! Here are some details from my trip! All of the hotels were booked this week in Monroe so… Continue reading Lovin’ Louisiana

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Unexpected Trip to Phoenix

Last week I booked a flight to Phoenix out of the blue to try, in any way, shape or form to help my Family. My Aunt Trish (father’s sister) moved out to Arizona about twenty years ago from Seattle and my Grandparents moved a few years later to retire and enjoy the warmer weather. Here… Continue reading Unexpected Trip to Phoenix

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HBD – To Me!

I love my birthday! Having a B-Day at the end of the ‘school year’ has always been perfect because at this time of year everyone is DYING to celebrate SOMETHING! There is a Sam Hunt song (love him) where he says: “I graduated but every year in May I get that ‘school’s out’ feeling. I… Continue reading HBD – To Me!



This weekend I had a unique opportunity to speak at the University of Missouri!!! AKA MIZZOU! I went to Mizzou for graduate school and am so incredibly invested in this stellar community and their success. It was unreal to be speaking at a university that gave me so much! Here were my favorite things about this… Continue reading MIZ-ZOU

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The Highlight of My Spring

The spring semester is super busy for my company because we have campuses we visit, clients we need to plan and strategize with and most hectic of all, it is conference season! I was lucky enough to speak at three conferences this year, AFLV-Central, SEPC, and AFLV-West. AFLV-West was the most special for me because… Continue reading The Highlight of My Spring

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Speaking at Southern Miss

The best part of my job is working with a campus and a group of women for a few days to help them accomplish their goals and feel confident! This week I traveled to Hattiesburg, Mississippi to visit with the amazing Panhellenic women at Southern Miss!  SMTTT! (Southern Miss To The Top – it is… Continue reading Speaking at Southern Miss

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Sunday Brunching

This weekend Brendon and I got to spend some quality time with our good friends Bryan and Amelia and grab some brunch at a local restaurant. I absolutely being able to visit with friends whenever possible so it was awesome getting to catch up!  Here is what I love about these pics: My Bicycle! Brendon… Continue reading Sunday Brunching