On the Job-O in Cabo

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I’ll never give you anything this cool again…

Last month I got to give my best friend and soul mate one of the coolest gifts ever for her birthday… a free trip to Mexico for five nights! I was going there for work and I could bring a guest… it was the same week as Jennifer’s birthday so I figured… YOLO.

Here is what I loved about our trip!

  • The food! We ate at some amazing restaurants in Cabo San Lucas! Restaurant one, the El Farallon was so beautiful. You had to drive through a cave to get there. Restaurant two was Toro (best red fish of MY LIFE… I literally finished other people’s plates when they were not looking… I know, classy) and the grand finale – Flora Farms. The minute you step onto the grounds of Flora Farms in Cabo, you begin to understand what happiness feels like.
  • The clothing! Jennifer and I shopped for months to prepare for this trip. I bought most of my outfits from Revolve. Here are a few of my favorite purchases: this yellow dress, this off the shoulder tunic, and this maxi dress. We also tried to make a fashion statement with one-piece bathing suits, which can be tricky. I ended up loving our look, a little classy for Spring Break, which in my opinion is just fine!
  • The Friendship! Jennifer has always been my rock when I feel like I am going crazy for years now. I honestly think fate put us in each other’s lives. She is one of the most thoughtful and emotionally intelligent people I know. We had our fair share of laughing, crying snuggling and reminiscing!   I always preach about the powerful impact of friendship in your life and this girl is one of them. We had coffee every morning together looking at the ocean, we shared a king size bed, we helped each other pick the right shoes and earrings and even got a couples massage. I am confident people were confused. Hey what are life partners for? I love this girl! I look up to her and want to protect her all at the same time, I value every word that comes out of her mouth and think she is hilarious. To me she is perfect! There is no one in the world I would rather spend a week with in Cabo San Lucas than this chick!

Last thought – We did not take too many pictures because I honestly think we were so focused on living each moment that we forgot to take pictures. The ones we did take…. Not always flattering. I am posting a few of Birthday Jennifer so you can see just how fabulous she is!



‘Mesh About’ One-Piece








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