Patio Life

patiolife 01The best part about the warmer weather is being able to spend your evenings out on a patio! I was born and raised in the Seattle area and I never knew how magical a warm southern summer night was until I began traveling as a consultant for Kappa Delta. Over the past weekend I got to enjoy our little patio which is my slice of Heaven! Here are my favorite things about these pictures:

  • Our homegrown charcuterie board! I don’t know about you but right now my favorite meal is appetizers! I had a serious hankering for a charcuterie board and I was able to put this one together for relatively cheap! I bought a sliced Genoa salami and a Jamón Ibérico cured ham almost like a prosciutto. I bought two cheeses, one Gouda and one Zamorano, a hard stinky Spanish cheese. I have always heard it takes two meats and two chesses to make it feel official. Threw some clementine oranges on that thing and boom we were done.
  • Some of these accessories are game changers. When I graduated from college, my mom wanted to help me ‘grow up’ and bought me a few key hostessing pieces. I have been in love with my Juliska – Berry and Thread collection ever since. I love this cheese board and wine bottle chiller. Also, I am always shopping for cool unique gifts to get a man (because honestly Brendon has EVERYTHING he has ever wanted). I found this bluetooth gramophone in Garden and Gun Magazine a few years ago and saved for an entire year to buy it for his Christmas gift. It is portable and wireless and not to mention, too hipster to function. It also gets a lot of compliments from people we have over. Finally… in this pic I have a fresh Manicure! I adore the Spring OPI New Orleans collection! I am wearing Let me Bayou a Drink on my fingers and Spare me a French Quarter on my toes. I have also loved She’s a Bad Muffuletta and Humidi-Tea! Excellent colors for Spring weddings, graduation and any other events you have coming up.
  • Finally The baby dog – DEXTER! I love this animal. He and I were created to be together. Whenever I am home, I always try to look him in the eye as much as possible because I read somewhere that dogs and babies are not capeable of understanding the human language but seek eye contact as emotional cues. So, long stares into his eyes with lots of baby-dog treats and ‘I Love You’s. Dexter is so good for my soul because he is constantly craving human contact… Just like me (my love language is physical touch… If I am touching you, I adore you… and if I cannot touch you because we are on the phone, it makes me ache!) PS – I love his green collar… So perfect for our chocolate lab. You can get one like it from Over Under.

I love my little patio and life on the back porch. It has taught me that you cannot set everything up at once and be done, but it takes years of getting the right pieces in place to make you feel at home!

* PS – little throw down for the hometown! I am drinking 14 Hands Red Blend… it is one of my favorites for a budget night!



Let me Bayou a Drink


Spare Me a French Quarter?




She’s a Bad Muffuletta!

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