Sunday Brunching

4.17.16 - 01This weekend Brendon and I got to spend some quality time with our good friends Bryan and Amelia and grab some brunch at a local restaurant. I absolutely being able to visit with friends whenever possible so it was awesome getting to catch up!  Here is what I love about these pics:

  1. My Bicycle! Brendon and I live pretty close to downtown and we try to get out and about whenever possible. Last year my husband gave me this bike for my birthday and I adore it!  I love the basket in the front the white walled tires, the perfect gold bell and of course I adore the fact that Taylor Swift owns the same one!  Who said you cannot get something that is good looking and adorable! My favorite part is the low bar in the middle so I can wear dresses when riding and sit up straight when I am out and about!
  2. Eating local: Room 38 has been an ‘upscaleish’ establishment/bar in CoMo for a few years and I have always loved the food. Within the past year, they added a brunch menu on Sunday mornings and this was our first time trying it. I got the breakfast burrito and substituted spinach inside for the potatoes in effort to eat a little healthier. The chipotle hollandaise sauce made the burrito!
  3. My tinted moisturizer! I have used every single kind of tinted moisturizer out there (including all of the ‘best’) but I bought La Mer Reparative Skin Tint in light medium a month ago and I am sold. I love a light coverage foundation because I want people to see my freckles (I got them from my dad and his Irish heritage and I am proud of them). This is perfect because it feels light, it has amazing anti-aging formulas in it, it covers all of your imperfections (I get redness) and looks so natural!  Tinted moisturizer is perfect for a brunch Sunday!

Side note: Amelia and I met through Bryan but she is quickly becoming one of my closest friends!  She is incredibly smart, kind and thoughtful… We always have the best conversations from nerdy stuff like Harry Potter all the way to society, religion and politics! I have never seen her get short or say a harsh word! I am honored she calls me a friend.



La Mer – The Reparative SkinTint


Rebecca Minkoff Clutch

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