The Highlight of My Spring


The spring semester is super busy for my company because we have campuses we visit, clients we need to plan and strategize with and most hectic of all, it is conference season! I was lucky enough to speak at three conferences this year, AFLV-Central, SEPC, and AFLV-West. AFLV-West was the most special for me because I was able to keynote the entire conference with my amazing friend and coworker, Vince Fabra (check out his blog). Here were my favorite things about AFLV-West this year:

  1. The friendship: I had the chance to hang out with some really close friends but also some newer friends when we were in San Diego… and how can you not have an amazing time in the spring in California? Mostly, I loved hanging out with my roommate, best friend and mentor, Jessica Gendron Williams (check out her blog)!  Do you have a friend who about once a year you have a crazy deep transformational conversation with them? Well, Jessica and I woke up on Saturday morning at 5:00 in the morning, did a quick 30 minute workout in the gym, grabbed some Starbucks and sat on our balcony in our hotel room for 2.5 hours talking. We cried, we laughed, and talked about things that made us angry. There was even a time in the middle of it where we both stood up and hugged for a solid five minutes. I am so lucky to have quality time with anyone, let alone my best friend who is even busier then I am being the CEO of four companies! I honestly look up to this woman so much. I hope I can balance it all as well as she does.
  2. The Students: I love meeting with college students! I know that sounds cheesy but seriously, I loved each person I got to meet. I laughed so hard with the group of leaders from the University of Washington they actually got it on camera! This year, I heard so many people say how inspired they were by the entire conference and how they were just so invested in their experience. You all give me hope for our future as a country!
  3. The work I did: Opening up the entire event with Vince was amazing! I really adore and respect Vince as a person and I love working with him. I am humbled that I had the chance to do this. I also did a few other smaller sessions which were really empowering. I did a session called “I’m Perfect | Imperfect” which was so challenging, terrifying and rewarding all at the same time. I talked about how we all strive for this fake idea of perfect and talked about my own challenges I have faced and what I learned. At the end, I silently sat in the emptied room and read the reviews. They made me cry tears of relief, pain and joy all at the same time. I took a pic of one that made me loud sob!KJ_Eval

Whenever I speak or work, I am constantly filled with this deep sense that I am doing what I was created to do. I believe that each person has something inside of them that they were hand-crafted to do. My goal is to help the world, you or just one person feel that they are special and wonderful in their own right. I am humbled and lucky to find what makes me feel alive and I would be honored to help anyone feel the same way.






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