04.26.16 - CoverThis weekend I had a unique opportunity to speak at the University of Missouri!!! AKA MIZZOU! I went to Mizzou for graduate school and am so incredibly invested in this stellar community and their success. It was unreal to be speaking at a university that gave me so much! Here were my favorite things about this weekend!

  1. The Panhellenic at Mizzou is FABULOUS. Literally so many of these chapters are award winning top chapters in their national/international organizations. The women are organized, intelligent, motivated and involved. They are all hard workers! If you are a Mizzou sorority woman, be proud of how much you have already accomplished! Not to mention the PHA officers… I have a crush on each of them. Their advisor, Kathleen Duffy is a real life friend I occasionally get to hang out with when I am in town too!
  2. The content I was asked to deliver was pretty unique and revolutionary! I spoke at their Panhellenic Recruitment Retreat where recruitment teams from each chapter were there as well as Pi Chi’s (Recruitment Counselors). We had a few advisors and a lot of high quality leaders there. I think this is a pretty unique retreat and I was honored to come and speak. I talked a lot about how difficult it can be to be vulnerable in a ‘mega-chapter’ and how women are lacking meaningful friendship even though they all wish they had it.
  3. The Bae got to come! Even though I speak A LOT… very rarely do people I know in my life get to see me speak and truly understand what I do. Brendon came and watched me and he brought his dad!  For a quick second, Brendon’s dad, Glen is pretty professional and like the opposite of me on the hair-flipping/loud-laughing/openly-crying scale. I was a little nervous Glen would be overwhelmed watching me talk about my hardest moments in sorority, feminism, women’s empowerment and my marriage on stage… but he told Brendon that he was proud of me… So many tears…

I am honored and privileged to get to give back to a university who gave me so much. I love the chapters at Mizzou and I am constantly impressed with the amazing leaders they produce. The fact that they even asked me to come work with them is a humbling experience.




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