HBD – To Me!

I love my birthday! Having a B-Day at the end of the ‘school year’ has always been perfect because at this time of year everyone is DYING to celebrate SOMETHING! There is a Sam Hunt song (love him) where he says: “I graduated but every year in May I get that ‘school’s out’ feeling. I feel it creeping in, every day’s a weekend and I’m drowning in the freedom.” Honestly, my birthday has always kicked off summer for me and my people… so I LOVE IT!

Here is a recap of my B-Day…

  1. I worked a little in the morning and afternoon and ate dessert all day… PERFECTION.  For lunch, I ate eight macaroons from our local bakery in town – I was committed to getting that done. As a tradition, my mom has been sending me Petits Fours every year since I moved away to college. It is our special tradition and I always look forward to my little packages of love from my mom. She has bought me these mini desserts for my birthday since I was seven years old. So for some reason, my day was full of desserts. (I did go for a quick run in the afternoon out of guilt and shame … #fitness)
  2. As always, my squad from across the country made my birthday so, so, so special. I got two beautiful bouquets of flowers from my best friends! Jennifer (who you may remember from Cabo) sent me a beautiful bouquet of peonies from Farm Girl Flowers literally the most amazing packaging I have ever seen! Then two minutes after those were delivered I got another knock on the door and my long time childhood best friend Chelsie sent me this perfect bouquet of fuchsia and orange roses from a local florist … I LOVE YOU BOTH!  (PS – Chelsie is having a big birthday this year and I will have to suprise her somewhere and somehow… if anyone has any ideas – Please let me know!)
  3. At the end of the day, I met some CoMo friends for dinner and drinks at a restaurant called Bleu in town. The cheese plate appetizer was delicious, and I drank the Bleu rosemary lemonade… to die for. Finally, we ended the night at the new ‘Social Room’ in town which is supposed to be speakeasy style. Honestly, the locals were not super ready to get hard core on a Tuesday, but I’ve never let that stop me before. Brendon somewhat secretly arranged to have a few of our close friends meet us for dinner which was so special and wonderful, because last year I was in Fresno, California working… alone… on my birthday. Being at home was perfect!

Thank you everyone for all of the birthday phone calls, texts and messages! I had an awesome Birthday and I am so happy I got to talk with you or hear from you in some way!



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