Lovin’ Louisiana

LAcoverSometimes I believe I have the best job ever. Thursday morning when my alarm went off at 4:15 am… I was not convinced… but from the moment I touched down at the Monroe Airport, I was lovin Louisiana! Here are some details from my trip!

  1. All of the hotels were booked this week in Monroe so I took a gamble on a ‘Boutique B&B,’ called the Hamilton House. It is perfect, adorable, and I am never leaving. I stayed in the Alexis Room with exposed brick walls and chandeliers. The hotel in in a district called ‘Antique Alley,’ on the bayou which is a must see if you are ever in Monroe!
  2. Ruston, LA is the home of Louisiana Tech (the school I was speaking at last night) and has a perfect southern college downtown area. I had about 90 minutes to putt around and here are the quick shops I stopped in. First, I went to Beau Monde which carries Betsy Pittard Jewelry which I have seen dotted around college towns for the past year now, as well as Ashley Brooke Designs coffee mugs and cups, which I adore and I want the orange one in the photo so bad! Secondly, I went to Rodéo Boutique which carried a lot of my favorite brands, J.O.A., Lily Dawson Jewelry (throwdown for your hometown… Lily lives in CoMo) as well as a new brand I have seen everywhere called Moon River (apparently it is selling out like crazy). I bought an adorable striped shirt I promise to show you next week. Finally, I went to a gift shop called Chartreuse Pear. This place was beautifully decorated and had a lot of lovely gifts and home goods I swoon over. I love this brand called ‘Easy Tiger,’ as well as Sasha Nicholas dinner wear. Lastly, my aunt Trish has been an interior deigner for most of her life and she said these vintage inspired floor mats are going to be the new RAVE for rug replacements. I grabbed a quick afternoon pick me up at Parish Press (adorbs… Mint metal chairs, so perfect) – I drank an Iced Americano with Coconut and Soy Milk.  *Personal note… I met almost every single owner of these adorable Ruston boutiques and each one is a creative, hard working small business owner who is so invested in giving back to their community.

    The results of my shopping spree!

  3. The women I worked with and the students I met were incredible. I have always heard amazing things about the undergraduate population at Tech and they did not disappoint. This community is working so hard to recruit with values and grow meaningfully with their booming enrollment plan for the university. They are bringing on two new Panhellenic chapters in the next few years and I imagine the chapters and leaders will continue to flourish.

I hope you all are enjoying hearing about my travels, the wonderful sights I get to see and the people I meet. I feel so lucky to have my job, but most importantly I just want to continue to help you all feel empowered to be yourself. Good news, I am going back to Ruston in August, so even if this trip was less than 18 hours, I will have more time soon!






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