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KD08This week, I had the opportunity to attend Mizzou Kappa Delta’s ‘Fly Up’ Ceremony. Fly up is this specific chapter’s senior ceremony to welcome the women into the Alumni experience. It was a fabulous night! Here are my highlights!

  • I am constantly impressed with the caliber of student at Mizzou! All of the women I had the chance to chat with on this night were so motivated! They are all pursuing these fulfilling careers and making the first steps into adulthood. Each of them was so gracious to the host, easy to talk to and had an amazing sense of humor. I love working with students wherever I go, and even volunteering was no exception.
  • I love the Alumni experience of sorority! I remember thinking that it was all about the four years when I was at Washington State. Being an alum of my organization has been more fun, fulfilling and worth it to me. The alumni I hang out with whenever I volunteer for KD are AWESOME. The woman who hosted this, Bridgid Miller is an amazing mover and shaker in the Columbia community. She has been selflessly giving to the Mizzou chapter for years. The chair of the advisory board, Cara Stuckel, is one of my favorite people and honestly an amazing leader. She always emails the team constant reminders of what is going on and sends individual emails to make sure we know what our specific role is. Every one of them is pretty cool in their own right.
  • This is cheesy, but I love Kappa Delta. My organization has given me everything. It has given me my best friends in the world, my career, my passion, my life. It has made me a woman I am proud to be. It has given me humble mentors, inspiring confidants and opportunities to promote greatness. These two letters are more than just a sorority, it is the best part of me. None of my life would be possible without it.

To sum it all up… I am so thankful I was able to welcome these amazing women into the next step of their Kappa Delta experience! They are all so deserving in the gift KD has given me!



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