The Person Who Shaped Me

Mom01Happy Mother’s day on Sunday! I, like so many of you, have been deeply impacted and molded by my parents. I am honored to be my mother’s daughter. I am dying to give her a little tribute and let you all know how amazing this woman is! Three things that make Kim Henry McNamara irreplaceable:

  1. Holy cow… My Mother is smart. She has always been an amazing example to me and everyone around her about how much one woman can accomplish. She has more degrees than any other human I know in the world. She has her PhD in Leadership Studies. Her dissertation was creating environmentally sustainable college campus and business practices through education. Her passion for the world and the impact we leave transcends just her opinion… it is written in everything she does. She is always learning and never too proud to read an article, crack open a book or ask a question. Her values, passion and life are written in everything she does, says and participates in.
  2. My mom is so generous. I will never forget working at my coffee shop in college during summer break in my hometown and chit-chatting with someone who attended the community college where my mom works. I asked them where they went to school (It was a mom and her son). The woman told me her son went to Olympic College, and I replied excitedly, “Oh my mom works there… her name is Kim McNamara!” The woman stared at me with her mouth open and after three seconds said… that woman saved my son’s life and saved my family. She grabbed my hand and told me a heart-wrenching story about the woman who raised me… something I had never heard before because it is just who my mom is… she does not want recognition… she just gives everything without asking for anything.
  3. My mom accepts unconditionally. Now, my mother was raised in Seattle in the 60’s and 70’s. She is a hippy… to say the least. Now with that being said, she raised a girly, cheerleader, sorority, dress-wearing, hair-flipping blonde who screams when she laughs. She has never made me feel “less than”. She has never told me I am hurting the feminist movement. She has never told me to turn it down.  She has defended me in the principal’s office. She has just supported me in my own art of self-expression. She has loved me unconditionally and without judgement of who I am or anyone else for that matter. She sees the pure good in every single person and only wants them to feel unconditional love and acceptance.  

I hope to be half the woman she is. I hope she is proud of me. I hope she thinks she did a good job… because she did a DANG good job at being my mother.




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