Coffee, Wine, Cheese & Sweets

Europe3.10Before we start today, I hate being this far away from you all.  I have the worst case of FOMO ever.  I wish I was there so we could do our weekly/annual/monthly, hour long chats!  Sorry I am not around, I wish I could be, hopefully you know that.

So lets get this over with. Everyone talks about how amazing the food is all over the world… And I could not have a blog about my trip to Europe and not highlight the amazing meals I ate. So here we go, lets bring on the onslaught of pictures of me holding plates!

  • Switzerland: Eating in Switzerland is like constantly eating at a Farmer’s Market. Everything is fresh and local. Delicious! There are dairy cows and goats everywhere…. And they even wear bells! The hills are alive with the sounds of music – from goats! swiss_cowsHonestly, I woke up in the morning to the bells thinking they were from a church but it was from the sheep herd that our hotel owned, because they grow everything and make everything themselves! FARMERS MARKET GALORE! We climbed the Alps one day and when we reached the top of our specific peak, there was this amazing restaurant at the top called First. Obviously, I had to order the Swiss Cheese plate… I also ordered a piece of huckleberry cheese pie, made from local huckleberries! Our hotel in Interloken had an impressive breakfast spread including traditional American eggs and bacon as well as eight different options of cheeses on a board with all different types of dried dates, apricots, plums and other fruits. (the hotel also came with a black cat who was an expert at hitting up the tourists for plate treats and head rubs… I participated fully). When I got to Lucerne, I was impressed with all of the adorable lakeside café’s, but… Warning: Switzerland is not known for their food. In fact it was very Bavarian, a lot of sausages and potatoes. I ended up hunting down the most precious place I could find called Opus – which had a salad bar, cut your own bread station and most importantly, a Swiss cheese plate! Last thing, there is a grocery store at almost every train station. For the rides I would run in and grab cheese, berries, wine and Swiss Chocolate to eat from place to place.
  • France: Here were my two favorite restaurants – Le Bar De Fer was in the Sorbonne university neighborhood and had the most beautiful charcutarie board ever! Their motto is: Wine –  Food – Music… LOVED all three. They had the most amazing duo singing and playing acoustic guitar to a million classic American hits (They BigEurope3.17loved John Mayer)! My second was a traditional café right off of Luxembourg Garden. I had a perfect light salad with shrimp, tomatoes, avocado and dressing.  Now, y’all know I love desserts – I went overboard. My sugars are all crazy right now. I had a nutella crepe every day with different fruit toppings. I also ate macaroons every day… and bought a box to go. My favorite was a coconut and vanilla macaroon at Gerdro Mulot and a fig macroon from Ladur`ee. I also ordered a café’ & mini dessert the last night which was the perfect amount of eating. I love tasting all the desserts on the menu without having to be rolled out of the restaurant! France is the country of wine and sweets – I participated.
  • Italy: Well… I traded in my macaroons for gelato. I have yet to get some cannoli – Godfather fans. But, here is what I do know: Every night I have been forced/persuaded/not-forced-at-all to drink a digestif.  Now for all of my basic girls out theEurope3.18re, a digestif (I was in the same boat… no judgement here) is a drink you consume in small quantities after your meal to help you digest. They taste awful, but you cannot say no because that means you are immediately ‘not cool,’ to the locals.
    So digestif, here I come (because I am constantly dying to make these people like me). So, without any commentary from me, Italy has the BEST food of all. Every city respects and cherishes its own region and serves based on location. I am writing you from Tuscany now, after visiting the Adriatic Coast. (I don’t even know what this means. I’m not a foodie.) I was OBSESSED with the restaurant I ate at for dinner in Venice!  The servers were hilarious. The food was delicious!  The restaurant vibe was perfectly old Venetian and also modern.  It was called Rosa Rossa if you ever go!  I am headed to Rome today! Love you all. Tell me what you would like to hear about.

My body is in desperate need of a reboot!  I have not eaten like this since dance competition season in high school!  More food to be eaten… hopefully, for your sake, no more pictures of meat and cheese!

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