Be Still My Heart – The Shopping

Europe2.02I have always been a shopper from the minute I was born, according to my mother. I appreciate the way people express themselves through how they present themselves. I try as hard as I can to always look for what I appreciate about a well dressed girl I see, rather then pick her apart… Empowerment! So when I headed to Europe, I got more than excited to see fashion trends in the continent that created fashion! Here is what I loved:

  • All of the women were wearing tennis/workout & athletic bottom type shoes casually. The tennis wedge, the tennis sandal, the traditional addidas, edgy tennis shoes. If they were dressed casually (or even sometimes dressed up), they were wearing tennis shoes! I saw almost no one wearing flats or sandals (which is our current casual shoe). I saw a lot of adorable dressy athletic shoes as well. I currently own these and these  but I will be purchasing a wedged one when I return!Europe2.012
  • I did not see a lot of ‘shocking’ fashion trends or things that really surprised me. In France, they were wearing pastels or black. In Italy, the colors were beige & olive, or yellow & white or red & black. I believe one thing that is really unique to Europe is that people get dressed every day. They do not have off days. They wear less makeup and do not do a lot to their hair in France (which definitely cuts down time), but they are always dressed. I saw these jaquered long jackets EVERYWHERE in Paris! Every single shop had some version of these collarless, jacquard jackets! I loved them so much I had to buy one! I believe this is something that could come to the US quickly. They wore them with dresses, skinnies, and plazzo/gaucho pants.
  • So if any of you were wondering like I was “When is this Ray-Ban trend going to wear out… I mean do I buy another pair or just stick with the three Ive got?” I am going to go ahead and say – we are all safe for at least three more years… get yourself another pair boo boo! There were two kinds of sunglasses I saw. #1 – Ray Bans: All shapes and sizes, traditional Wayfarer’s, Clubmasters, Aviator’s. All of them. Italy has capitalized on the sunglasses market across the world. #2 – Round sunglasses. For women these were the trendier look. I own two pairs and brought my cheap pair with me. I know there are a lot of Italian designers who are releasing this style so I imagine they will be hot this summer and fall, and for us in the US they will be hot again next summer.

*** Double bonus section: If any of you are men… or have a man in your life that you are invested in the way they look, I was struck by the way they dressed. So, here is my quick down-low about what is coming for men according to European trends. Most of the men I saw were wearing suits. Literally, I would see people on dates… men in suits, women in jeans and tennis shoes. Nothing too crazy for suits – no patterns, or interesting colors… just classic gray, charcoal, navy, black and an intense blues (actually I saw a lot of blue on men, blue shoes, blue suits, blue ties… all blue). Obviously well fitted, because it is France & Italy. Then besides that, SUPER CLASSIC – like a white shirt and basic tie. I saw a few blue shirts but that was all. Then, slicked back clean cut hair. Man buns are done… the Europeans invented it and now it is over. And obviously the Ray Bans – they were all wearing Ray Bans. Very clean.

In conclusion.  This has been an amazing vacation for the shopping!  I feel like I am on my pilgrimage as a human. The best shopping for me has been Venice, Paris and Rome! My heart is so happy, I do not know how I will ever return home… I am forever changed!  Be still my heart.

PS – Here are the details on what I packed and where you can buy it!



Tularosa – Off-Shoulder White Top


J Crew – Leather Mini-Backpack


Tularosa – Navy Dress


Tularosa White & Blue Romper


Lovers & Friends – Striped (Navy) Dress,


Privacy Please – Polka Dot Jumpsuit,


Tularosa – White Lace Top,


White Sleeveless Turtleneck,


Bishop & Young Cold Shoulder Blouse,


Marc Fisher – Wooden Platform Sandal,


Franco Sarto – Brown Suede Flats,


Brown & Gold Leather Sandals,


Marc Fisher – Tassel Sandal,


Joie – Lace-Up Tassel Wedge Espadrille,


  1. Chelsie
    May 11, 2016 / 8:39 pm

    I love this post to pieces. So many fond shopping memories. I can feel your excitement!

  2. Annie
    June 10, 2016 / 1:48 pm

    You are amazing KJ!!!

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