Kicking Off Fitness Week

FW1.04Staying healthy and prioritizing fitness in my life is a huge thing for me! Even though I have now consistently posted for 4 weeks on this blog, I have yet to actually focus any attention, energy or words on fitness. So I figured today I would kick off FITNESS WEEK!

I have always been active. I began taking dance lessons as a little girl, and stuck with it competitively until I was 22. After I graduated college, I still taught a few classes. After dance ended for me, I needed to find a way to expel energy and still stay in shape. I also need activity and fitness to stay happy… in the words of Elle Woods, “Exercising releases endorphins, endorphins make you happy and happy people don’t kill their husbands.” I crave activity and do not feel rested until I can get something in! I have learned a lot about being healthy and feeling great in recent years, so I figured I would share with you all my best practices and how I squeeze it all into my packed schedule!

Here are three quick facts about my fitness goals:

  1. We are 11 weeks out from August right now, which means it is time to get in shape. If an athlete prepares for the Olympics, I prepare for August. (check out my About Me to better understand why August is crazy for me).  The month of August is a gauntlet of travel, energy draining days and pushing myself to the absolute max. I need to be healthy mentally and physically for this month and all of my routines are to help me get my job done. I will be taking the next 11 weeks to get in peak physical & health condition! You all get to do the journey with me! After that vacation, I need a total reboot and I am excited to get started.
  2. My fitness tools:
    • I LOVE my BKR Water Bottle. It is 32 ounces, and they sell them at Nordstrom. I know everyone is up on the metal ones right now but I hate drinking out of metal and these are totally BPA free and so effing cute! I travel with a Contigo look-alike from Target because they are light weight, more affordable (so if I leave one at the University of Kentucky, NBD… obviously that has already happened) and I can screw the top off to mix my shakes in. They are about 20 ounces.
    • I love my Fitbit One! I don’t like the bracelets because they don’t always meet my wardrobe requirements. I love the display, I love how easy it is to use, I love that it is not visible. I would buy another clip that had GPS and heart rate monitoring… if anyone made one. I have researched all of the other brands and have yet to find a clip with the same functionality as the Fitbit One.

      All of my fitness materials!

    • My eating plan is the GAME CHANGER for me. Once I started eating RIGHT, it transformed my body! I try not to eat any carbs, like none… no – not even whole wheat (yes and no beer). I maybe eat quinoa 2X a week. And maybe steel cut oats 3X a week. I do not eat dairy (except on vacation) No yogurt, no cottage cheese… none of it (unless it is a special occasion… then all bets are off). Here is what I eat:

      Grocery Shopping after Europe to prepare for Fitness week!

      • 4 veggies
      • 2 fruits
      • 4 lean proteins
      • 3 healthy fats (olive oil/avocado/almonds)
      • 1 carb (beans/quinoa/steel cut oats)
  • 3. Daily health goals: About a year ago, I began to implement 5 daily health goals I try to accomplish each day. These are all possible for me to track because of my fitness tools. I learned a long time ago, if you don’t track it… it will not happen. Here they are:
  1. Walk/run 10,000 steps & 5 miles
  2. Drink 70 oz. of water
  3. Track my eating (I have a calorie goal but I also have a veggie/protein goal)
  4. Drink my Shakeology**
  5. Do one muscle toning activity (whether it is traditional weightlifting/Pilates/yoga or a mix)

** SO I know there are a lot of health drinks out there on the market. I have NOT tried them all but I love my shakeology (Vegan Chocolate) because it is the ONLY thing I have found that actually curbs my sweet tooth (y’all know I love desserts). It is also a product that A LOT of my friends sell and any way I can support the squad, I will!

This week, I will highlight what I do for fitness, when I squeeze it in, what products I like to buy (I am CHEAP when it comes to work out stuff) and most importantly the results I notice! I will also add tips on how to stay healthy when you are traveling!  Stay tuned!  It will be a fun week.


  • I tried to link the shirt I am wearing but I bought it at a boutique in Rome called Sophia Charlotte.  Here is link to the store!  Sorry!

Zella – Live in Leggings
$20 On Sale!!!


Mizuno Running Shoes


BKR 32 oz. in Tutu


Fitbit One in Burgundy



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