I do PiYo: Fitness Week Day 4

FW4.02Now this is the most embarrassing post I will make all week. I have always been a little embarrassed about at home workouts. But let me tell you, I do PiYo at home and in my hotels and I love it! It has given me muscle definition in places I never thought I would have it. I was always skeptical of at home workouts because I thought they were cheesy. I also would be wasting money if I joined a gym at home because there are five months a
year when I am not at home. So how do I fix this problem?  At home workouts. I have found myself whistling a different tune because I have realized that these workouts are something I can do from my hotel room no matter where I am. My average morning when traveling has me waking up in my hotel, running, then going back to my room and doing a PiYo workout. Here is what I love about my PiYo workouts:

  • It is honestly the most difficult workout I do. In 2015, Jessica, my boss and I did these in our hotel room at a conference in Fort Worth and half way through she said to me, “I am glad to hear you huffing and puffing over there because this is killing me.”  Jessica is one of my most fit friends and the fact is that this thing KILLS US, both of us (I guess I am ratting her out too because she also does PiYo). I need like 30 minutes of just laying on the floor when I am done. Even though it is tough… it is quick, the average workout is only about 30 minutes and I can squeeze it in during my work days at home. Brendon says there are two different ways he finds me whenever he comes home from work… #1 – On the phone for work… or #2 – Doing PiYo in our TV room.
  • This program is created by Beachbody… you are probably Facebook friends with some Beachbody coaches. I love that I get to help out my High School friend Alecia Otis with her business, because I bought this pack from her and I continue to buy Shakeology from her. I asked Alecia to write a little something about why she loves her job, here it is!  “I absolutely love what I do because I get to help people get healthy, stay healthy myself, and empower other women while working from home with my family. Since starting on this journey my depression is gone, my energy levels are up, and I’ve lost and kept off 38 lbs. I truly believe this is continuously teaching me how to live my best life.”   (She is pretty cool… I know)  A year ago, I began doing PiYo workouts, drinking Shakeology and set up my 5 daily health goals. Alecia is the one who helped me create my eating plan. I have always been so skeptical of shakes and fitness plans, but I watched Alecia from a stalker distance on social media transform her life and her body… so I reached out. I do not sell the stuff and there is no benefit for me to tell you this. I just want to be transparent and honest with you about my life… this worked for me. It is hard… like the hardest workout I have ever done… but it works.
  • Now finally I am excited to tell you my favorite workouts from the set!  I have three favs:
    • Sculpt: I feel like this is the quickest way to tone up every muscle of your body in a day. Every time I do this workout I feel like everything is a little tighter. My favorite move from it is towards the end, there is a push-up series where in between push-ups you do a side plank and tuck opposite arm and knee. NO BS… SO HARD. They also do these triangle push-ups that I LOVE, where your elbows face out and your fingers face towards each other and you put your nose in the middle for your push-up. I still cannot finish this workout to completion.  I am dying throughout it… I love it.  Here are some pics of my two fav moves!FW4.08
    • Buns: Do NOT make fun of me! This is so hard to write! But I love the buns workout. It is so much more than your buns but actually your entire bottom half including legs. The key to your metabolism is in your legs. They are the largest muscle group and if you want to increase your metabolism and burn more calories… work your legs. This workout is mostly standing squats and lunges… not just pelvic thrusts on the floor… thank God!  But my favorite exercise in this session is the elbow plank leg lifts. Hanging out in elbow plank and lifting your right leg 10 times (then switching to the left) makes you want to die, pass out or faint… but it also works every muscle in your body, including your buns.FW4.07
    • Drench: So this workout is crazy long for the series, 48 minutes. I for the most part, hate ever single one of those minutes. There is a 13-minute session towards the end of just flowing through different yoga poses which was created to test your resilience as a human. After I do this workout I need a legit shower. (which that says a lot for me). I also feel about 2 pant sizes thinner. They have a great core segment in the middle of this video that takes you from down dog into a down dog split, tapping your raised foot to your other ankle lifting it back up.  Then pulling your knee to your elbow extending it out to a 90-degree angle and back up. I die. So amazing for core, shoulder and glute strength.FW4.09

Well there you have it… My secret. I sit alone in my hotel rooms and do workout videos.



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