Stuck with the Stuckels

Stuck02Happy Monday, Lovers! I am pumped to give a little shout out to one of my favorite families today! Last week I got to celebrate with the Stuckels, as Cara (the oldest of the heirs) graduated from law school. Congrats Cara! I am so honored to have been invited to your graduation party!  I know these past few years have all but kicked her butt so I can imagine it must feel amazing to have it end! Oh wait… here comes studying for the Bar Exam. Here is what I loved about Cara’s party:

  • We spent the afternoon at Logboat Brewery in Columbia which has been open for about three years. They have an amazing lawn in the front and encourage people to bring blankets, food, and yard games picnic style. The local food trucks come by on the weekends for anyone who gets hungry. They also bring in bands to play on the weekends. The family brought the entire spread… it was like a tailgate… amazing. I dug into the cookie cake like it was my last meal ever. This local brewery is quicky becoming one of CoMo’s favorite hang out spots.
  • I have said this before on the blog but I am constantly honored to be Cara’s (and her sister Claire’s) friend. Cara is one of the most intelligent and selfless people I know. I have been volunteering with her for the past year and she is so thoughtful. Cara not only is hilarious, fun, and smart but she is a previous Peace Corps volunteer (how cool is Cara?) She spent two years living in a tent in Morocco and is fluent in Arabic… casual. Everything about her makes her a phenomenal person! I have always said you can use your friends as a mirror of your own character… I am pretty lucky to be Cara’s friend.  PS – We talked a lot about the blog at the party and Cara said she wanted to do some blogging photos… Here is what happened… PS this is all a joke.Stuck04
  • The Stuckel family is the most amazing family I have ever met. We have hung out with them on a few different occasions for Mizzou football games. Chris, their mother was just initiated into Kappa Delta as an alumni initiate this past Spring and Jay has been a big-deal volunteer for in housing Pi Kappa Phi. They have dedicated their lives to service, kindness and selflessness. They are so funny. They are so fun.  Every time we hang out, I have an awesome time.

Any chance I get to get ‘stuck with the Stuckels,’ i take it!  Thank you again family for letting me tag along last week!

I hope you all had an amazing weekend!  I went on a special little trip… and I am so excited to post about it tomorrow!  Stay tuned… I promise it will be good!



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Rachel Zoe Gold Sandals (Mine are from last year)



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