Surprise, I Flew to Vegas!

Vegas01.13Last week (in the middle of Fitness Week) I made the split decision to fly to Vegas to celebrate my childhood friend, Chelsie’s 30th Birthday!  She told me about a month ago that she was going for her big day and I was a little nervous about attending and being the 3rd wheel. I was also a little worried I would be spent (both sleep-spent and budget-spent) after Europe… Regardless, at the last minute I decided YOLO…

We are going to do this in 2 parts… #1 (today) daytime and #2 (Wednesday) what we did at night!

Here are the details from the daylight hours in Sin City!


  • First of all, I took the crazy early morning flight in, the one where I have to leave myDCIM100GOPRO house at 3:30 AM, so by the time I Ubered to the MGM where Chelsie and her crew were staying… I had already been up for 10 hours.. and it was 11:00 a.m. Vegas time.  It was perfect because Chels was just getting back from breakfast and her boo Mike, and his buddies had already headed to the convenience store to buy water, beverages and other remedies. After about an hour of the fastest talking Chels and I could squeeze in we headed straight to the pool. The rules of Vegas are – spend the day at the pool and sleep if you have to there… but don’t waste daylight hours in bed.
  • We all have a friend who has made the best worst decisions with us or the worst best decisions with us. Chelsie has been my ‘what the hell, might as well,’ friend for YEARS now! In other words she is always down for an adventure!  In high school, it was trips after cheer practice to Port Orchard. In college, it looked like random trips to Lake Chelan for Memorial Day weekend. During the internship summer, it was leaving the house at midnight when we had already made the decision to ‘stay in’  for the night. She has always been my most spontaneous sidekick, so I was so thankful I was able to jump on a plane and see her to re-live some of the spontaneity of our lives together! Sometimes you have to make a last minute decision and NOT plan out every second of your life in order to have a good time. I always enjoy myself most when I have NO PLAN.
  • Chelsie is the most loyal friend I have. She was one of the only people who came and visited me in Missouri when I first moved out there. She and I bonded in high school Spanish class, writing each other notes back and forth about how hot we thought Ryan King was… (we were wrong Chels… boy were we wrong). She and I have spent HOURS sitting at my kitchen table talking to my Mom instead of getting ready to go out. She went to dozens of my dance recitals. She was my formal date for my senior formal at WSU. She was the person who called me to tell me my college boyfriend was dying when I traveled for Kappa Delta. She was the person who told my Mom that the guy I thought I was going to marry was not good enough for me. She has driven me home at 3:00 AM crying from a boyfriend’s house who I just broke up with.  She is the type of person who never has to say much. Just having her there is the only thing I need to make it feel like it will be okay. We are as thick as thieves.

I am so lucky to have Chelsie Lomax in my life! Enjoy our pics for the MGM Grand Pool!  Stay tuned for tomorrow!



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  1. Chelsie
    May 24, 2016 / 9:40 pm

    First- I love you more than there are probably words.
    Second – some of these pictures….good grief lol
    My friend…my sister – thank you for going out of your way to make me feel so special. Oooohhh lake Chelan…that was a killer last minite decision. Let us not forget the vanilla big trains in allyn, the summer afternoons in the coffee stand, Taste of Tacoma & Bite of Seattle Exhaustion, & WSU shenanigans. I love that evey summer after high school seemed to have a completely different theme…you can’t plan that. Your mom is hands down the smartest woman I know and I owe her for so many awesome dinner table conversations. You are the most insanely driven, confident, kind woman…thank you for challenging me to more than I am and encouraging to me to step outside my comfort zone. Regardless of the time between talks or visits we will always be able to pick up like we did so just yesterday.
    To quote: A good friend will come and bail you out of jail, but a best friend will be sitting next to you saying, ‘Damn, that was fun’
    🍻 to always being the “fun”

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