Las Vegas: Part Two

So, in case you did not read yesterday, I went to Vegas over the weekend to celebrate my best friend’s big birthday. (Maybe some of you remember me highlighting her on my own birthday blog and saying that I needed to do something special for her… well, here it is!)  Here is what we did with the night life:

  • Thanks to my other tribe/squad member, Jennifer and her fabulous business unnamed-4Explorateur Travel, we ate dinner at an amazing steakhouse, Smith & Wollensky. We walked in and they immediately got Chelsie a drink (because Jennifer
    had totally prepped them on her birthday and they were ready to make her day incredibly special!) For the meal, I ordered the lamb, everyone else for the most part got a filet, ribeye or some other sort of steak.  This might sound terrible, but I love good meat. After Fitness Week, I was ready for some food with substance! Not that the onslaught of veggies and fruit was not amazing… just I was ready for something besides a chicken breast! After dinner wrapped up, the server bought us all coffee and surprised Chels with a glass of champagne and a beautiful chocolate cake! It was a perfect way to make her feel special.
  • As a gift for Chelsie, I wanted to give her a fabulous experience. I have a few friends whose love language is to provide experiences for people… and my love language is Vegas01.24gifts (I wanted to combine all of that together). So, for Chelsie, I went all out and got her a total makeover for Friday night at Christophe Salon in the MGM Grand. Now let me tell you… it was not cheap… BUT TOTALLY WORTH IT! I love to help people feel amazing, unstoppable and beautiful… and I will never forget how amazing Chelsie looked at my wedding when she got done up. This place was WAYYYY better then my wedding stylists. (Granted they are in Vegas). I have never had better. Completely worth it and so talented! The minute we showed up, they wished Chelsie a Happy Birthday and got us glasses of champagne. I had Eric Bensimon do my hair… Eric and I fell in love. He actually made me consider flying out to Vegas every time I need to get my hair done… then I realized it might have been the champagne. Carolyn Allen did my makeup… and she changed my life that night…  Honestly, the most important thing was that I wanted my boo Chelsie to feel like a million bucks and every time I snuck a peak at her booth, she was laughing, smiling and for the most part, being completely pampered. My boyfriend Eric even gave her a free clip… what a gentleman.Vegas01.25

** PS – all of this is possible because of Jennifer… If you ever need someone to create personalized travel experiences for you that are unforgettable… Explorateur Travel is it.  I literally called her Friday morning and everything was set up PERFECTLY within 30 minutes.  She is so talented.  Thank you for making Chelsie’s experience once in a lifetime!

  • My FAVORITE part about the entire trip was being the third wheel in Mike and Chelsie’s relationship. Heck, I was the 3rd/7th/9th/ and sometimes the 13th wheel! Honestly, I love spending time with my friends and their partners… and I always kind of assess what I think about them depending on how welcomed I feel with the two of them. Within seconds, Mike said to me… don’t worry I will give you two the bed and I will sleep on the couch. I wish there was an emoji for a heart breaking and glittery stars coming out… Mike is the best guy I could ever ask for in my best friend’s life. He scared off all of “the Chads” (That is the name we gave the weird creepers who kept trying to ‘holler’ at us). Every single person from their group made me feel included, welcomed and never left out. I love it when my friends have great friends.

Final note: Chelsie is one of those friends in your life who you do not have to talk to all of the time but the minute you see her there is no distance at all. I love this person. She is a part of my life forever and I am so THANKFUL I am at a place in my life to celebrate her life!  She is most def a part of the hide the body crew!



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