The Closet: We Have GOT To Fix This…


This is the before pic.

So today, I wanted to identify that I got called out… I had a few people tell me after my trip to Europe, that I shop too much. Regardless of how you feel individually, here is what I need you to know… I heard you. I am going to clean out my life a little.  This weekend after I got back from Vegas, I spent my afternoon digging through the ‘closet’ and did some crazy clean out.  Here is how this can help you:

  • I decided about a year ago to test a Capsule Closet. A capsule closet is the idea that every three months (a quarter, people – Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter) you wear only 37 pieces (shoes included… not underwear). Then at the beginning of each season you buy an entire new capsule – or you can pull some pieces over. The idea behind it is that you buy pieces that you love and do not buy a buttload. You also have to be ready to shed your slight obsession with Forever 21 and other ‘super trendy’ stores to buy quality pieces that you normally would not spring for if you buy in bulk. The reason I wanted to try it is because, lets be clear, in the month of August I live in a capsule closet… it is called my 21″ Samsonite carry-on bag. And also, everyone is doing it… celebs be blogging about it all day.
  • I got rid of over 200 articles of clothing. Yes, I got rid of jeans, dresses, shirts, skirts, one of my fur vests, booties, boots, heels two blazers and jewelry. I packed it all up in the back seat of my baby car and I will take it to Plato’s Closet… as soon as I am not traveling (Until then it lives in the back seat of my car). I don’t know about you all but I feel as emotionally attached to my clothing as the ‘awards & recognition’ section of my resume. For example, I love this dress because I remember how hard I had to work to pay for it. Will I ever wear it again… no, but do I remember when I wore it and at what school and how great I felt… yes! I love this dress in the same way that I am still overly proud of my “WSU Panhellenic President of the Year Award” for my position in Kappa Delta… I don’t think anyone actually cares… but I still care… I worked so hard! So I am just supposed to let it go, drop it off to be forgotten forever? Don’t people want to know I have worked hard forever… not just this morning??? (No one cares…)

    This is the final Capsule.

  • So the point of a capsule is quality over quantity. High quality pieces that you can throw on no matter what. I have a really good friend named Georgia, (who is incredibly polished) who’s shopping theory is to only buy something you could throw on every day (all days, skinny days, bloated days, dark days and donut days) no matter what and feel like a million dollars. I don’t think a lot of women buy for those reasons… they buy for circumstances – we buy thinking… “Oh I will wear this on the third Thursday after labor day and look great… right?” NO WRONG! A capsule closet will guarantee that you look fierce, fashionable and flawless every day. It also guarantees that you will get enough wear out of your clothing to be worth it. Finally, it is important that you can combine any of the items and they would work. My current spring capsule has 5 colors, the primary color is White. The side colors are blush, yellow, light blue and navy.  My capsule is about 50 pieces – because nobody puts baby in a corner and no one tells me what to do (37 articles of clothing?… please). It mostly consists of dresses for work and ‘plane clothing’ for chilling and travel… plus a few rompers, because rompers are important for my essence, duh.

Last note… Yes, my closet is a room. It is a TINY bedroom in my house. Since my house is SO OLD (1890, people) the closets could not even fit a body in them. And this particular bedroom could not fit a twin sized mattress in it so I made it a closet… Let me know if you have any capsule closet questions!  I would love to help you make yours!



  1. May 26, 2016 / 4:57 am

    Wow-this is really impressive! I continually prune my wardrobe but nothing to this degree! I do really need to go through my dresses; like you said, will I wear those six semi-formal dresses again? Probably not haha! Great post 🙂

    • May 26, 2016 / 2:55 pm

      Thank you! It is so funny how we hold on to stuff! Let me know if you decide to Capsule!

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