Fireflies, Hotdogs & Sunscreen

lake27This weekend I saw my first firefly of 2016, I ate my first hotdog for 2016… and I broke out the 30 SPF… I LOVE Memorial Day weekend! If you are from the Pacific Northwest, you also love Memorial Day weekend. It is the kick off to SUMMER! It is the beginning of summer recreation, lake days, cookouts, long warm days and hot summer nights! This past Memorial Day weekend I made the most of the official summer kick off and spent as much time in a bathing suit as possible. Being raised in Washington, we were all water babies. I have pictures of me playing in the water before I could walk!

When I moved to Missouri I quickly learned that the place to recreate over the summer in Mid-Mo was the Lake of the Ozarks. No matter where I am, I always try to soak up the sun and enjoy the Summer months!  Lucky for Brendon and I, we have a few friends who have places down there and invite us out on the reg. Here were my favorite things about this weekend:

  • We lived the boat life on Saturday. I grew up playing in boats and have always loved lake09being in the middle of a lake floating, wakeboarding, tubing or … fill in the blank. It is kind of weird because my family lives on salt water but my childhood friends and I have always preferred lake water, but I know that in other parts of the country it is the exact opposite. Because I have been playing on boats for so long I for the most part can do most water sports and a few tricks. (see video!)  On Saturday we spent most of the day chilling in the sun on the boat with friends. For my mother, don’t worry… I wore sunscreen, and a hat.
  • On Sunday we celebrated Brendon’s grandmother’s 90th Birthday party. Brendon comes from one of those HUGE German Catholic families. Coming from a relatively small family myself it has always amazed me going to his family get togethers because there are so many people, kids and always new babies. It took me a few years just to understand the family tree and learn everyone’s names (Don’t worry, I have it down now). His grandmother is a true matriarch and her children and grandchildren come from all over to be with her. One thing I have learned to love about Missouri is people’s dedication to family time and how important family values are to each individual.  Most of Brendon’s family still considers Tipton (the town they are from) home even though they moved away years ago. The family is constantly together and that blood runs thick.
  • Monday was my absolute FAVORITE. I have been wanting to paddle board since January when I saw a couple paddle boarding in Dallas when I was speaking at a DCIM100GOPROconference. After doing some research I learned that it was much more difficult then it looked and it was an awesome core workout. Well, enough said… sign me up. I LOVED it! It was so much fun… we went with our friends Bryan and Ameila and I feel like all 4 of us enjoyed it. After about an hour I shed my life jacket… (as I have said before I don’t really like rules and I was getting hot) and started doing yoga tricks on my board. Apparently in some cities this is an entire new fitness craze… paddle board yoga.  Yes, I am serious… google it.  There are a few videos of my attempts attached. Enjoy!  I promise… IT IS WAY HARDER THAN IT LOOKS!
 vidcap1  vidcap3  vidcap4

You all… SUMMER IS HERE! My favorite! I hope you had an awesome three-day weekend and I hope all of you are ready to get this party started! Thank you to all of the brave men and women who have made our freedom possible! I am looking forward to tomorrow’s post, I am on a plane right now!



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