The Quick Trip: San Diego

IMG_2670I got on the EARLY morning flight yesterday to head to beautiful San Diego! Yesterday was my last university program for the school year. I worked with the brilliant and talented UCSD Panhellenic! Here is what I loved about my trip:

  • How can you not LOVE San Diego! It is one of the most beautiful cities, with amazing restaurants and awesome weather for the most part. Unfortunately ,the weather was not perfect yesterday but I still love the city regardless. This was my first time being in La Jolla (which is a little north of the city) at the university. I did not have any time for too many tourist activities. My agenda was … Fly into the airport, check into my hotel, workout… then get ready to speak. Honestly, one of my favorite things about California in general is the non-stop healthy food options. In my quick commute to the UCSD campus, I was able to grab an awesome salad for lunch. I like to keep it pretty light before any type of keynote.
  • All of the schools in the UC system are pretty spectacular. I have worked with Davis, UCLA, and Irvine… they have never let me down. UCSD was also phenomenal! The campus was beautiful and the students were spectacular! I love working with groups like this Panhellenic! I feel so fortunate to get the chance to check out all of these different universities across the country. Every place I visit is dramatically different than the last but there is always something unique and memorable about each place!
  • Honestly, my hosts for the day could go on my list as best friends… The Advisor OscarIMG_2657 is so amazing at his job! He is happy, totally present and incredibly invested in what his students are experiencing and learning. The VP for Panhellenic, Annie was wonderful, motivated, a super go-getter and I can totally imagine I will be working with her again in the future! I worked with these two of the past few months to get organized and ready for this day. When I was on campus I was also able to meet Claire the Panhellenic President. Again, smart, generous and so witty.

All together, I loved my visit! Hopefully the next time I am in town I can actually eat at a great restaurant and enjoy the city a little more. I could not have asked more from my hosts or the students I worked with! This was a whirlwind trip… I am flying again this morning! I will keep you all posted!IMG_2673



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