#TBT – Throw Back Thursday


Phired Up Productions, the company I work for, has an fantastic blog that I am fortunate enough to occasionally contribute to. This week I contributed a post that I’d love for you all to check out. Essentially right now I am blogging about blogging…. So meta, I know.

But the reason I wanted you to know this is that it was honestly one of the most vulnerable and scary things I have ever written. It takes a lot of guts to stand up on a stage, introduce yourself and speak the truth… to speak your truth. But it is even more difficult to write it, because they cannot see your face when it happens. They cannot see my eyes well up with tears every time I rewrite and reread a certain paragraph. So I wanted you all to know I put myself out there, and I mean WAY out there. What I wanted to do today was a quick recap of my life lessons, in the three most defining chunks of my life. So you know it is not crap. And so you know that maybe what you are going through is on purpose. I believe there are no mistakes. So here are my steps:

  • Step One – College. In College I learned about purpose. I learned that all of my 1928313_525456563943_2579_ncompetitiveness and determination could be focused into more then just ‘success.’ I learned that I could shove all of that determination and desire to make an impact into people. I learned that when I was not around people I felt lonely, and that I need people… I am a natural extrovert. Conversations and friendship wake me up inside. In college I learned from my friends and from my sorority that people experience pure and extreme joy out of simple things… Joy I had never felt before. I learned that pain was temporary and beautiful, but also weirdly necessary for you to become interesting and dynamic.


  • Step two – Consultant and Graduate school. During my early 20s, I learned that people will not love you as much as you love them. I learned that true friends will still be there for you when it is not 154892_172600792772779_4886073_nconvenient for them. I learned what a tribe meant and what a squad meant. Mostly I learned from the most important friends I have in the world that they will still believe I am worthy… even in my despair they taught me, we are still worthy of love. I learned how to gather my people and that friendships get us through it.
  • Step three – Career. I learned what it means to live your purpose. I learned how to 314618_10150272727422956_6661749_nlive your purpose with your people. Mostly I have learned, and I believe with every fiber of my being that you will never feel exhausted, or empty if you are doing what you love. I was telling someone tonight that all 5 of my top ‘Strengths Quest’ strengths are in the category of influencing… Meaning I am not good at a whole lot, but I am good at stories, and messages, and communication. In the past few years I learned what it feels like to be overcome with joy in your career. The work I do every day is my favorite thing about myself. The fact that I get to work my butt off every day for something I would give a hundred more years to is absolutely worth it. But none of this would have happened with out my people and my purpose.

This blog I wrote for work was so incredibly hard for me. It was posted and I instantly regretted it. I had what is called a vulnerability hangover. When I wrote it I was sitting on a plane, alone, as always, but as always… deeply committed to you and all of the people I work with on a daily basis. I’ll do anything to make sure you know you are not alone. I hope you enjoy the deep stuff as much as the Vegas stuff! (LOL)

So…..Go check out my post at Phired Up!


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