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Goin’ To Kansas City!

IMG_1132I have been in Kansas City since Wednesday for the annual Fraternity Executives Association meeting (FEA). This is my first year attending FEA and it has been great spending time with the people from my team and meeting a few key people in our industry.  Here are my take aways from my three days at FEA:

  • My supervisor, Jessica, and I are sometimes the same exact person. We oddly pack IMG_1153the same clothing for events and get togethers. We are always on the same wave length about working out, meals and agendas. We have a weird relationship where we can look at each other from across the table and know exactly what the other is thinking. We are the perfect roommates for any conference because we always unpack our bags the same way, we understand exactly what one person prefers for counter space and bed placement (she gets the window bed and I prefer the bed closer to the door/wall). We are kind of made for each other in our weird world. Someone tonight said we are the odd couple, but like actually a couple. (Compliment!)
  • I love the people I work with. I have said this before but you have to be pretty IMG_1175wonderful to be on our team. Lord knows I worked my butt off to get this job in my own interview process and I have never looked back. With all of that being said, we have something truly special on our team. All of our people are deeply committed to the work we do and helping others. I am always challenged by my team and deeply motivated to push harder, think smarter and to create something that is worthy of our company’s brand and our vision.
  • Finally, the longer I have been at my career, the more I have realized the lesson that there are no breaks. When we are in school, we have spring break and summer break where we can totally disengage and turn off for a few moments. My job was like that … at first. But the more I have been at it, the more difficult it has been for me to turn off. Everything I see inspires my work somehow. That might sound overwhelming and absolutely crazy to you… but to me it is powerful. It reminds me of how much I love what I do. And I WANT to work. I want to slave away at something that matters to me. I want to work so hard at something and care so much about something I lose sleep over it. I want my career, my life and my passion to seep from my pores.

It has been a busy and exhausting work week with travel, conferences and speaking. I am flying again tonight to the next thing! Check back in on Monday!



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