Consultant Extravaganza Weekend

IMG_1261This past weekend, I spent time in Memphis working with the consultant classes of Chi Omega and Kappa Delta. For those of you who do not know what consultants are… These women travel from state to state/university to university helping different chapters all over the country accomplish goals, develop as individuals and feel connected to the national organization. Here is what I loved about the past weekend:

  • Memphis is my second home to Seattle. It has been the second most constant location in my life. Our headquarters building feels like my own chapter house. I know every nook and cranny and can share memories about each room. The city of Memphis has grown tremendously in recent years and has developed into a fun and energetic city. I love visiting and seeing the changes but also seeing home sweet home at the same time. Memphis is one of my cities… I would move there in a SECOND.IMG_1250
  • Our time training with the consultants felt pretty phenomenal. Both of the organizations asked for inventive curriculum. I love it when the groups I work with are not afraid to ask for customized curriculum. Here is what they asked for… We discussed conflict management styles, how to work with today’s college students, facilitation styles and presentation skills, and finally organizational retention. This is the type of training all of our teams need to have in order to better service our chapters. Both of these sororities are incredibly focused on providing an incredible experience for their members and staying up to date on data. I believe we need to understand who we are working with and not just expect everyone to adjust to our styles. It is so encouraging to know there are other leaders in my community working to do the same thing.IMG_1249
  • This group of chapter consultants was so fabulous. Holy cow, they were smart, dedicated, asked great questions and truly understood and processed the curriculum. I know this group of women will make an impact in the hearts of their members when they visit chapters. I was so impressed with each group. These two organizations are doing a fabulous job at recruiting bright and talented women onto staff.  Honesly consultants from any sorority are some of the most talented women I have ever met in my life! They are hard workers, innovative, adaptive, energetic and loyal. Every time I meet a sorority consultant I am always blown away by how wonderful they are for being so young! Keep it up, Sweet Tarts! I believe in you!

Thank you Chi Omega and Kappa Delta for letting me work with your leaders! I hope you found the day helpful. I was constantly impressed with your hospitality and gracious women!

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