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IMG_2714As part two of my weekend post from Memphis, I wanted to talk about how much the employees of Kappa Delta Headquarters have given me throughout the years. Two years ago at Kappa Delta Consultant training, I heard our Tennessee Tech sister, Andrea Shook sing “never alone” while playing the piano in the entrance of our headquarters. I cried. I have never found a song that so perfectly articulates the way I feel about the women I have found in Kappa Delta. Here is what I love about them:

  • I know we all love our sisterhood and we all love our own specific organization. But I love these two stupid letters so much. I never want any of these precious women to think that they are alone. I cannot imagine any other sisters. I cannot imagine any other headquarters. Every time I drive around that circle, I am home. I have moved so many times in my recent years but one thing is constant. I found myself on that front porch rocking away with my Steel Mimosas. Every woman who enters, leaves greater and better. This building turned me into a woman I am proud to be.
  • To the KD Consultants… I hope you read this. I am honored to have you represent my sisterhood and my organization. I am lucky to have you out there on the line with me working for what we believe in together. And when you feel alone, know I am there too… Maybe in the same state and maybe across the country… but I am in a lonely room thousands of miles from home, or in a car driving before dawn, sleeping never and working forever… for the same fight you are. That battle we fight together will bind us together for the rest of our lives. We will ALWAYS have each other.IMG_1310
  • I am constantly inspired by the employees of KD. They stay up until 2:00 am emailing then wake up at 5:00 am to go on a run with me and stop to stare at the sunrise. They are not afraid to be completely and unabashedly themselves with each other, in public and with total strangers. They are not afraid to love what they love no matter how unpopular it might be. When I think of true authenticity and the best version of yourself… I think of Kirstin, Kim, Bailey, Katie, Robin, Gretchen, Maribeth, Hannah, Cristina and every other woman I spent time with this weekend. Thank you for being in my life boo cakes. You are in my tribe whether you like it or not… Sorry, not sorry!

All I want in life is to help every person I meet find friends like mine. We all deserve unending love. You all mean more than gold to me.



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