Travel Tips From The Pro

IMG_1389Today I wanted to give out my best travel tips for summer. I have been traveling quite a bit on longer trips. I know a lot of you are traveling for convention season, weddings, vacations or other summer activities! So here are my absolutes for summer travel:

  • Attire: Flying in the summer can be hard because it gets HOT, then freezing on airplanes and in airports. Not to mention sitting in a car going back and forth can get hot, swampy and generally uncomfortable. I like to fly in shorts and a long sleeve lose tunic or lose T-Shirt. I always fly with a long cardigan/blanket sweater. I also always travel with fuzzy socks… like sleep socks. This is my favorite brand – I have a few pairs. I like to wear sandals or slip-on sneakers. I have a few pairs and just bought these on the Nordstrom Sale over Memorial Day weekend! During my crazy August time, I try to find a long sleeve romper for travel. I know that sounds weird but I do not like to wear my work clothes in the airport because they get dirty more quickly, and I like it to all be one-piece and not a dress for when you put your luggage in the overhead (if you know what I am saying). I generally change when I get into the airport after my speaking gig in a bathroom stall… classy. So glamorous, my life.
  • Beauty Tips: When I was a consultant for KD and took hundreds of EARLY morning IMG_2732flights, I learned how to pop into a bathroom during a layover and do my hair and makeup quickly. Ever since, that method has been my go-to. I always fly with my hair in a clip sans-makeup and HEAVY moisturizer! You can never use too much moisturizer when flying! Clarins made this product for Paris flight attendants who felt the PAIN of flying constantly on their youthful glow. I unfortunately cannot use
    it because I am allergic. But this is my gift to you! If I am flying at night, I try to wash my face in a bathroom on my night layover. I straight up Clarisonic in the bathrooms in the airport and do my entire night routine. NO SHAME! Looking presentable on a plane is important… but lets be clear… looking presentable for the rest of your life is more important.
  • Staying Healthy: Drink water, drink water, drink water! I cannot say it enough. You need to drink 8 oz of water for every hour in flight… ON TOP of the daily allotment you drink in a day (half of your body weight in ounces). I bring my bkr water bottle and fill it in all of the water bottle filling stations in every airport. Also, I work HARD to find healthy food in the airport. Even though flying is exhausting, you are actually burning NO calories. It is mostly the stress that makes you hungry, so I strategically plan my meals. I try to bring my Shakeology with me and mix it right before my first flight. Then eat a meal on my layover. My FAVORITE restaurant to grab an quick healthy salad is in the Atlanta Airport. They have a Fresh to Order in Terminal B and their Spinach Bourbon Salmon Salad is PERFECT! It has gotten so bad that the employees actually recognize me… sad. It has yummy golden raisins, salmon (good for your skin’s glows with all the Omega 3’s) and like 3 cups of SPINACH! I am not joking… the best meal you can get for $13.69 in any airport.

I am traveling again this weekend! I am actually writing this post from a plane! Haha! I have some down time in the next three weeks. Let me know what you want to know about! I have had a request to do a post on how I shop… (I am actually super cheap!) I have also had a request to do a day in the life of at home. Let me know what you all want to know! Love you! Have a perfect weekend!

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