The Summer Closet Update


Stuck06Something has happened across the United States in the past few days…. And it is HOT everywhere I am traveling. With the change in weather, it is a good time to begin to switch out Spring clothing for Summer/Pre-Fall attire. For this post I want to talk about ways to transition my capsule closet over to full on Summer attire as well as pick up some pieces that could last me until September and October. But I am only showcasing pieces that are under $100! I also want to highlight what I think is coming up for trends for Pre-Fall!

  • Clothing: I am still selecting a lot of white, navies and light blues. But I am influxing a lot of denim and chambray. One key color I think will be so perfect and trendy for fall is olive! I am seeing olive pop up at a lot of my favorite shops. Not to mention I saw it EVERYWHERE in Europe in the spring! One thing I am also noticing about women’s fashion is it is moving away from feminine details in lieu of a more clean cut look. Think less lace and more crochet (if that makes sense). Things I am still purchasing are bell sleeves, off-shoulder, cold-shoulder, high neck, stripes and lace up tops. See my pics here!photobox1

1. Denim Jumpsuit: 2. Off Shoulder Dress 3. Striped Dress 4. Denim Tank 5. Cold Shoulder Top 6. Olive Tank 7. Cold Shoulder Dress 8. Denim Pantsuit  9. Olive Joggers 10. Striped Romper 11. Olive Dress

  • Shoes: The shoe game has changed the most in the past few years. There is a huge focus on deep cognac suede at most of the places I shop. To take you into the HOT summer days and pre-fall, pick pieces that are deep rich brown and offset your clean whites on top. Lace up heels and sandals are EVERYWHERE. Actually in one of my magazines, they did an entire spread on pairing lace up sandals and flowy white peasant tops. Also, block heels are hot. There are a few affordable and adorable pairs at Target right now if you want to jump on the bandwagon! Unless you are buying a traditional professional pump, it is a safe bet for me to say do not buy a skinny heel for the remainder of 2016! Finally with shoes… the sneaker look. The athletic bottom shoe. I know I have posted about this before but I really would bet on this trend. Here are a few of my pics for this summer!photobox2

1.Sneaker Wedge 2. Beige Slip On 3. Cognac Block Heel 4. Caged Block Heel 5. Lace-Up Wedge 6. Tassel Lace-Up Sandal 7. Lace-Up Block Heel 8. Sneaker Sandal 9. Blocked Heel 10. Sandal 11. Lace-Up Sandal

  • Accessories: I cannot say enough about cognac saddle bags. One of my good friends was asking me what bag to get and I said to her the same thing. I am seeing them pop up on designer websites and all over fashion blogger posts. If I jump at this trend I will most likely not be purchasing the Chloe bag, only because I would be afraid to invest that much in anything. But there are A LOT of affordable options. Also, my advice for jewelry is interesting gold architectural pieces. I know that sounds weird, but interesting gold jewelry is the only other way to put it. I know last year and the year before raw stones were so hot, but I am LOVING interesting pieces of gold jewelry… and I have seen them in a ton of fashion magazines. Lastly, backpacks: the hands free movement is in full force! Women want to not have to worry about where their phone, keys, wallet and lipstick are anymore and designers are PUSHING the hands free idea. I don’t think you have to get one for your everyday handbag but maybe try it for a weekend bag. I LOVE my backpack I toted around Europe. Check out some affordable options here:photobox3

1.Long Necklace 2. Cognac Backpack 3. Stud Earrings 4. Gold Bracelets 5. Suede Saddle Bag 6. Double Hinged Belt 7. Embroidered backpack 8. Long Earrings 9. Circle Bracelet 10. Gold Bracelet 11. Tan Saddle Bag

I hope you all enjoyed this post! I am pumped to begin pushing a lot more denim and olive into my capsule! PS – I am in desperate search of a denim/chambray jumpsuit! I have purchased three different ones and not one of them have been perfect! I will keep you all posted! Enjoy your Tuesday!

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