Summer Time Retreat

PUP 1It is Summer Retreat for my company Phired Up Productions!  Every year during the slower months we get together as a team and recalibrate. We discuss goals for the upcoming year, we work on our relationships. We talk about upcoming changes and most importantly we have an AMAZING time hanging out with each other! Here are my updates from the first round of pics from Summer Retreat:

  • I love how we talk about the vision of where we are going. As a team member, I love the fact that I always have a clear image of where my company is headed and how I as an individual fit into that plan.  I work with some talented and innovative people and I am constantly impressed with the ideas we come up with as a team. Today we spent most of the afternoon discussing goals as individuals and for our entire team. We have grown tremendously in the past few years and I love seeing how all of our new talented staff fits into our plan.
  • We make FUN a priority! We have ‘PHUN,’ in every activity we do together. It is another one of our core values as a team. Tomorrow we are canoeing together as a team, don’t worry… I will update you. I appreciate IMG_2815that I work for a company who considers themselves to be corporate third graders and never takes themselves too seriously. We know that if you are not enjoying yourself, you won’t be doing anything for too long. I have never taken myself too seriously and I believe a healthy dose of humility is important!
  • Every summer we host a little picnic event for all of our co-workers, friends, clients, and people in Indy.  One of the best things about the summer months is that you are not running around like crazy and actually get to catch up with people and their lives! Last night we got to see some friends at the AFA Foundation reception and I cannot wait to see my people on Friday!

I am loving being in Indy with some of my favorite people for the week! Follow along on Snapchat: KJ-McNamara!!

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