For The Love Of Dad!

Happy Father’s Day weekend to all of the dads out there and the people celebrating their fathers!  I am a spitting image of my dad.  I have his nose, his freckles, his blue eyes and his reddish hair.  I am not nearly as tall as him, but I still mimic so much of him in my life.  I have always been a ‘Daddy’s girl,’ His acceptance and approval of me are constantly the measuring stick I use in my life.  I wanted to take today to celebrate how important a dad is to each of us as we amp up for this weekend!  Here are the three things I learned from my own father:

  • From a very young age, my dad taught me how to be a hard worker.  Every day I lived in my house growing up he would wake up at 4:00 in the morning, come into my room and kiss me goodbye before going to work, to commute 70 miles to beat the traffic on the East side of Seattle.  He traveled constantly and worked so much more then just the minimum of 9 – 5.  Living on the west coast he OFTEN took early morning calls or brought work home with him.  He taught me that if you want something… only YOU could get it for yourself.  No one was going to hand you anything.  He is one of the most successful, dedicated and hardworking people I know.  He has always told me how proud of me he is of me because of my own work ethic and drive.  I got all of that from him.  He is tenacious and is not deterred by the word ‘no.’  He has never let his shortcomings get in the way of his drive.  I get my stubborn, never take no for an answer, attitude from him.
  • My Dad is HOT BLOODED!  He has never had a problem sharing his opinion and is openly passionate about things that matter to him.  He taught me and my sister from a very young age that our voices mattered.  He is also one of the people I use as a sounding board for my ideas.  He is not afraid to tell me when I am getting my priorities mixed up or when I am totally in the right.  He takes his job at raising daughters very seriously and makes sure we know right from wrong, good from bad, when to speak up or when to shut our mouth.  He is one of the only people who can actually get my sister and I to stop talking… which is a gift.  I have a voice and I have an opinion because of my father.  I can also admit when I am wrong because of John Francis McNamara!
  • My Father is humble and gracious with his love for his girls.  He openly tells people about how much he loves, admires and appreciates the three of us.  He FIERCELY loves the people in his life who matter to him and he STICKS by them even when he disagrees with them in the car the whole way home.  He will fight for you.  He makes your problems his problems.  He will not ever brag to my face… He wants to make sure we stay humble as well.  But I know we are the light of his life.  This man has stood by my side and defended me in some of the hardest challenges of my life, and never said one word to me about it.  He is loyal to his core.

Sure, my dad most likely wanted someone to play basketball with in the driveway instead of going to ballet recitals.  I am confident that if the three of us talk about ‘cycles,’ one more time at the dinner table he might have a heart attack.  But he never let us think that we were any less capable for being girls.  He taught us to fight harder because he knew the battle we were facing.  He never babied us.  He has always been a champion of women in his office and of us.  This is the first man I ever loved, and there are pieces of him in every part of me.


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