The Weekend Recap

IMG_2846Holy COW!… I was pooped this weekend. After my week in Indy for my company retreat, I almost died. Every time I go into town I generally stay at Jessica’s house (My Boss.) It is best for my insomnia to try to stay somewhere I have been before. I slept 12 hours on Tuesday night. I did some quick math and realized I have not gotten more then 5 hours of sleep in a night for the past two weeks. I needed a break! I took one this weekend. I wanted to give you all a quick recap of what happened in Indy. So here it is:

  • Thursday: We did our annual company outing which was a canoe trip down the White River in Nobelsville, IN. We have done this a few times as a company and picking a partner is crucial! I need you to know I cheated and ‘dirty recruited’ my partner three weeks ago. I asked David Lecko from our team to be my partner, because he was an Eagle Scout…. Your canoe is not going down no matter how many people try to tip you with a freaking Eagle Scout. One thing we do is we name our canoe teams. This year we had teams named “Americanoe”, “Canoodling”, “Canoe Kids on the Block”.  David and I were named by another team… “Barbie and Canoe”… I did not complain!  HAHA.  Enjoy the pics!IMG_2841
  • Thursday Night: That night we had dinner together and I received a gift for my 5 year anniversary. I got a scrapbook with love notes from everyone in the company. So, honest moment from me… my love language is gifts… that does not mean I need a constant showering of crap, it just means I put A LOT of thought into the gifts I get people and I really appreciate it when others do the same. I like stuff with meaning… that is all. Also, I am an open loud cryer if I really like something. So people thought it would be a good time for all if they photographed me crying over my scrapbook that Catie Feagans prepared for me on behalf of the company. LOL. I embarrass myself constantly. Oh and they got me cupcakes…. They even split a strawberry and coconut in half for me so I got half of each of my favorite kind…. That is LOVE, PEOPLE!
  • Friday: Our team has added a few people and we had to have the photos updated for our website. We did our photo shoot which can always be a little uncomfortable OR an amazing time. There are some pictures below. After photos, we prepared for our 10th annual summer bash, which is basically a mega picnic we put on for all of the professionals in the Indy area. It is always fun seeing old friends and meeting new staff members! Mostly, one of my FAVORITE people on my team, Vince and I have a history of choreographing dances at this event (It sounds weird… but just go with it).  It all started a few years back because he called me out for only having like eleven dance moves on a dance floor… so now this has become a little Video

I hope you all had an awesome weekend!  I am traveling again today… no rest for the weary.



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