My Morning Routine

IMG_2870I get a lot of questions about the products I use on my face, or on my hair or about my makeup. I also have recently been asked about my routine and how I keep it all together with how unpredictable my life can be. In the past few years, I have come up with a pretty strict regiment that I stick to to stay strong, healthy, happy. So here it is… broken down hour by hour:

5:45 – Wake up & brush my teeth: Ever since I got my Sonicare I am OBSESSED with brushing my teeth. I know that sounds weird but I cannot even drink water before I brush my teeth. The minute I finish, I try to drink 10 – 16 ounces of water right away to get my system started.

6:00 – Out the door running: In the HOT summer months, I like to get my run in early in the morning. This is a problem because it slows down my run time pretty significantly if I run before eating anything or drinking caffeine.

6:30 – Back at it with the Bae and the baby: I come back inside and wake up my husband, the brown dog and drink my first cup of coffee. It is Dexter’s morning ritual to get 5 throws of the tennis ball every morning before he gets breakfast… so he is always antsy to get going.

7:00 – Check the Blog!: Every night I schedule my blog to come out at 7:00 AM Eastern time. So I always check and then promote it on social media. I look for any spelling errors or try to respond to questions I have gotten.

7:15 – Shower/Wash the face (if it is not a shower day): Lucky for you all today was a IMG_1579shower day! I already showed you all of my hair products in this post but I wanted to highlight a few products I use that I love. I am OBSESSED with Sugar Scrubs! Ask my entire team at Phired Up… I made them all sugar scrubs last winter! This one is made by the most chic company in Seattle and is amazing. I use My sugar scrub when my hair is in conditioner and then shave while my hair is in my deep conditioner mask. I am also IN LOVE with my self tanner regiment. I used to get spray tans but I think they are over priced and not powerful enough for my pale freckle skin. These also travel really well! My entire female team uses them. If I need a good dark color, I will wipe some Jergens on after the wipe dries. If I do not use Jergens, I will use straight up coconut oil. You feel oily for about 20 minutes then your skin drinks it up quickly throughout the day.

8:00 – Brendon leaves for work and I get started:  I generally like to let my hair air dry so the minute my husband leaves, I hit the computer because my email is calling my name!  I try to spend an hour responding to emails, creating my to-do list for the day and recapping my agenda. I do not like to set up phone calls for the first hour of my day. It makes me feel immediately behind.

9:00 – I begin to attack my to do list: Today I began packing for my trip and get ready for my travel as well. On most trips I only travel with a small carry on and my computer bag.  (Later I will write a post on how I pack for trips and put outfits together for LONG trips).  This is generally when I eat a small breakfast, like a piece of fruit or my Shakeology.

IMG_2867.JPG11:00 – Later in the morning is when I do my ‘every day makeup.’  I have a different regiment for days that I speak and days that I chill out at the house!  My FAV products are: my Bobbie Brown Pot Rouge liquid blush in Pale Pink (it has been rated the best color for blush for YEARS!) My tinted moisturizer by La Mer which I have posted about before and my Cle De Peau Concealer (this thing covers EVERYTHING).


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