Another Day In Kansas City

IMG_1585Yesterday a few members from our team traveled to Kansas City to do some creative work, test some new curriculum and work with a group of amazing women in Kansas City! It was a fun whirlwind trip with my Phired Up Team.  Here is what I loved about my trip:

  • I love all things innovation and creation. I get really excited and inspired about the idea of totally redoing something.  Yesterday we had multiple trainers talking about curriculum I have never done or I do all the time and it was exciting for me to see the way that our people teach things differently then myself. It was also great preparation for the upcoming Fall, when the women from our team hit the road and teach sorority recruitment for the entire month of August.
  • I got to see a few students I have worked with in the past at conferences or through Kappa Delta.  I absolutely LOVE working with College leaders!  I am also so impressed with their hard work, polish and attitude. I am ABSOLUTELY thrilled I got to run into some of my favorite student leaders at this event!  The best part of my job is working with young women like these. They constantly touch my heart and remind me of what I felt like in their shoes. They motivate me every single day to get out of bed and keep working, keep traveling and keep pushing for this thing.  I know I am better because of the people who invested in me and they deserve so much more then what I can give.IMG_1610
  • Any time you can travel with someone instead of alone is a blessing. Not to mention any time you can travel with a chunk of your team… it is always a bonding experience!  I got to watch Brittany speak and I have not done that in a year. I gave Catie a pet name (which is high praise… I think). Of course, Jessica and I had really important talks about life, work and what is coming up around the corner for both.  We woke up at the crack of dawn to get our workout in. We all ate our meals together.  We created this day together and the experience for the attendees. It was fun, perfect and a great start to something big!

I am home today getting as much work done as I can before I leave again. I think I am also going to try to SLEEP! I had a lot of requests for ‘SHOP THIS POST,’ so that is at the bottom!



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