Backyard BBQ

IMG_1707It is Friday! I don’t know about you all but I feel like I just had one of the best weeks ever! I got some down time to get work done at home. I went a majority of the week not having to fly. I got enough water and workout time. It was great! Today I wanted to just give you all an update about the highlights of my last 48 hours:

  • I got so much work done! Honestly it was the first week I have had where I got to sit at home for a total of three working days and hack away at the emails, work on long awaited projects and in general get stuff done!  I am always so stressed out when I feel like I have not been cracking away the proverbial to-do list. I have been working with my team to develop this new product for my company and it really came into fruition this week!  I am so thankful I got to show it to one of my favorite people yesterday.  For the first time in a long time, I feel prepared to travel this weekend.
  • Brendon’s work had it’s annual summer picnic we went to this week. It was at this beautiful farm west of CoMo that grows corn, tomatoes, green beans, and tons of wild flowers. It was a beautiful night and not so hot that I felt like I was melting.  Dexter got to come. My theory on dogs in public places is that I will bring my dog until someone tells me it is not allowed. So the dog stays with me.IMG_1716
  • Finally, I am pretty excited about the outfit I put together for this backyard BBQ situation!  It is hard to dress for these sorts of things because you do not want to be too hot but at the same time since it is a work event you cannot be too casual.  I am OBSESSED with my shoes. I caved in and ordered the OTBT that I have seen on hundreds of fashionable women in the South. I understand now because it honestly feels like you are walking on a cloud.  This dress I picked up on a clearance rack at Old Navy for $10!  I am wearing one of MY FAVORITE earrings from J. Crew last season that you can only get on eBay now. Finally, I always get tons of questions and compliments on my Karen Walker sunglasses. They are adorable and have been my go to sunglasses for a year now!  Check out the ‘Shop This Post,’ below!

I hope you all have a perfect weekend!  I am so excited to update you on my weekend travel!  I am flying today for work and am speaking all day Saturday and Sunday!  I CANNOT WAIT for this weekend.  I know it is going to be so fantastic!



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