My Evening Routine

IMG_1798Last week I posted about my morning routine, what products I use and how I lay out my schedule. Today I am posting about my nightly process and mostly the products I use that are my GO TO’s. Enjoy:

5:30 pm: When I am home I generally shut down work at this point. I will then immediately focus on dinner. I am obviously HUGE on eating clean and healthy so I, for the most part, prefer to make my meals.

6:30 pm: Eat Dinner. I have had a few people ask me what I do for meals and my fav recipes. I will absolutely post about that but for dinner I always eat a protein and vegetables. Occasionally I will eat a whole grain like brown rice, or quinoa, but for the most part, it is a large plate of spinach, broccoli, salmon or a pork chop.

7:00 pm: Work on my blog. This is the time of night where I chill and focus on writing, photos and of course hyperlinking. This can take 20 minutes to an hour depending.IMG_1808

8:00 pm: Do a quick lap around the block outside or water the garden. I like to try to get out at night so I do not go straight from the couch to bed. I usually will water the plants or our garden (PS – Picked some Tomatoes on Monday!) Every time you get your heart beat up, your body’s metabolism raises for the next 2-3 hours. I try to do a little burst in the evening after dinner to get my blood flowing and process dinner a little. In the winter, I will sometimes do a workout at this time.

9:00 pm: This is where the fun begins! My nighttime face regiment! I double cleanse my face at night. I start with an oil based cleanser to remove all of the oil, dirt and makeup.  After that I Clarisonic with a traditional mild cleanser to get deeper into my pores.IMG_1804

Next, I begin with what I have defined as my LIFE CHANGING product! I use these Dr. Dennis Gross Alpha Beta Peels… and they are amazing! I use them every other night. I use the first peel then brush my teeth with my Sonicare. I use the second peel and floss my teeth.IMG_1799

Final face step: After the peel, I use apricot oil on my face. I usually wait 2-3 minutes to let that set in and dry. Then I put my lotion on my face. At this point, the face is done! The approach I take with my face is to baby it. Give it as much lotion, hydration and breaks as I can give it.IMG_1801

One of the best pieces of advice I can give you is WASH YOUR FACE EVERY NIGHT. I do not care how tired, drunk or pooped you are… Wash your face. Even if you are a man… wash your face at night. There is a lot of dirt and sweat that piles up on your face throughout the day. This leads to signs of aging and impurities in the skin. You only have one face… Take care of it. If you want younger looking skin, wear sunscreen, drink water, and use a good moisturizer. I do not care how long my regiment takes me at night… I am DETERMINED to have good skin.

Finally, I always apply heavy duty chapstick and cuticle oil at night.

9:15 pm: BED! I try to go to bed early! Sleep is so precious to me and when I am home I always go to bed early. Usually I have to wake up crazy early like 3:00 am to get on an early flight. The words “beauty sleep” are not just a catchy phrase… Sleep is also a fundamental part of keeping your skin, and body healthy.

I hope you all enjoyed my night regiment!


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