Let’s End This On A HIGH!

IMG_1829It is Friday! It is the first day of July! Crazily enough, we are officially half way through 2016! Yesterday I flew to Indianapolis, IN for work. My company, Phired Up Productions hosts an event ever summer called Growth Summit and I have been lucky enough to be able to speak at it a few times. It was an awesome day and a great way to wrap up the week and the month! Here were the highs of my day:

– I ran into some former Zeta Tau Alpha Consultants on the plane yesterday! It is so great and always totally random running into people you know at an airport. It does not happen to me that often but when it does, it is always a great reminder of why I do my job. So fun seeing these women again!  I am so happy I got to catch up with one of my boo cake friends Tina yesterday… enjoy the photos below!  I am so proud of her and all of her accomplishments.  She is one of my best mirrors and always gets me!  Finally, this is my last trip for work until July 20th! What am I going to do with all this FREE TIME! Don’t worry, free is never free. I will just not be posting about work that much in the next few weeks!HugsNotDrugs

– Yesterday I got to present with a few people from our team who I do not always work with. Growth Summit is so different than anything I do on a regular basis. It is really innovative and it takes a lot of planning, strategy and creative thinking on our part to put it all together. I love challenges like this and I felt like the day went great. Also, I was able to watch individuals from our company work… and these people are the ones I don’t always ‘work with.’ I love seeing my people in all aspects their life. I think it is so valuable to understand the way a friend has fun as well as do their thing at work! I think it is the best way to understand a person’s character and how dynamic they really are.

– Finally, I was given the chance to do the opening keynote yesterday morning with my coworker Taylor Deer. So Humbled… Honestly. There are so many talented people on our team with amazing personalities and characteristics… sometimes I do not even know why they listen to me or picked me. And for a real moment of vulnerability, I am confident in my ability to speak to women. I am 100% pure girl. I see them, I live them, I am them, I hear them. This is not the case for the opposite sex. Early in my career someone told me I would struggle connecting with men on stage because I talk too fast or my voice is too high pitched or some other fundamental thing that was wrong with me. So needless to say, an audience which contains 90% males… terrifies me. When I deal with fear I run from it… totally avoid it. Then at some point I become stubborn, take no prisoners, brave and I face it fearlessly. I am so proud of the work I did yesterday. There is nothing I said on that stage that I would edit, fix, erase, or change. It might have even alleviated some of my fear… So who knows.  IMG_1817

I am so happy it is Friday! Honestly, after the new duties I have taken on at work, all of my family stuff in Arizona, travel for work, and just life in general I need a break! I am so ready to celebrate! Happy 4th of July Weekend to all of my American friends out there! I hope you enjoy your day off! This is my favorite holiday! LETS DO THE DANG THING!  Love you all!



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