Celebrate Like An American!

IMG_1935Usually I do not post on holidays… but today is an exception.  Not only is it America’s Birthday 🇺🇸, but it is MY FAVORITE HOLIDAY! I love it because it is all about fun, sun, water, people and there are no gifts necessary… just come as you are! I always celebrate this holiday with a little extra…if you know what I mean! Here are the Top 10 necessary items to celebrate America like an AMERICAN:

  1. A Bad A$$ pair of Jean Shorts 👖: Whether you buy them for $3 at the Goodwill or you spend $300 on a designer pair, frayed edges and exposed pockets are a must.
  2. An All American Cooler ❄️: I bought this throw back cooler in the Spring. Of course it is reminiscent of the coolers from the 1950s, and of course it is Kappa Delta green. Is there anything more classic American than Coleman?IMG_1914
  3. Ray Ban Aviators 😎  : So I know Ray Ban is Italian… (Who is surprised by that… Totally thought they nailed the California vibe… whoopsie) but nothing screams America like a good pair of 70’s cop sunglasses.
  4. A Hot Dog 🌭 : I LOVE hotdogs  – hands down, one of my top 5 favorite foods.  There is nothing better then a traditional ballpark frank in a store brand white bun with one wiggle stripe of mustard and one wiggle stripe of ketchup.IMG_1927
  5. Water 🌊 : Get a boat, get in a lake, get in the water, get in a pool, get in a kayak, or sit by the ocean. The 4th of July is NOT the 4th of July if there is not water in your life.  It is HOT and it is time to celebrate… I cannot think of anywhere that would be better than on a boat.
  6. Festive Swimwear 👙 : Yes the American Flag bikini might seem lame and pretty much irrelevant 364 days of the year, but you will thank your lucky stars each time the 4th rolls up, that you have the most festive beach wear available. No one is going to be pissed off at you for being a patriot on the boat.
  7. Open Flame 🔥: This sounds terrifying, but you need to have a bonfire or a fire pit that you sit around until wee hours of the morning sharing stories about 4ths past.  My parents always made a HUGE bonfire on our property for the holiday… so weirdly for me it is reminiscent.
  8. Fireworks 🎆 : Nothing is worse than fighting through crowds to get a place in the grass to park your butt for 3 hours to wait for the fireworks… but these displays are what makes the holiday for me. The tradition originates as a recognition of the line in our National Anthem, “And thy rocket’s red glare, Thy bombs bursting in air…”  So not only is it a tribute to our history, it is one of the most BEAUTIFUL parts of the night… every year for me!IMG_1919
  9. Multiple Drink Contraptions 🍹: Koozies with American Flags and Presidents on them. Cool Cups. Fancy party wear. I do not care. If our drink does not come with accessories… you might be at the wrong party.
  10. The Playlist 🎧: Obviously if you are going to be on a boat all day or at the beach all day celebrating… there needs to be some tunes. Playlist creation should begin weeks ahead of time. Nothing sets the vibe of your party or holiday like the music.  But just in case you did not create one… here is mine!

*** You get double bonus points if you celebrate the holiday with an All American Dog 🐶! Dexter is practically a Winkelvoss he is so all American!

HAPPY 4th of JULY my friends! I hope you have a relaxing, fun filled day!


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