What I did for 4th of July

IMG_1957There is nothing more All-American than Baseball! Honestly, it has been my favorite sports to watch for as long as I can remember! We went to a Cardinals game on the 3rd to celebrate the holiday. Here are my fav highlights:

  • We went with our friends Bryan and Amelia. Brian proposed a week ago and it is still fresh for Amelia! The ring is  beautiful! It is his great grandmother’s ring and I cannot imagine anything more perfect for my friend Amelia. The two of them just got back from a trip to Ireland and they bought me the most amazing gift ever! A scarf in the McNamara knit. It is beautiful and I cannot thank them enough. I am so happy for these two! Bryan has been my friend for six years now and I ADORE Amelia! I cannot wait to celebrate the two of them more in the future.
  • American baseball is the BOMB! Honestly there is no other sporting event I would rather be at! I love hot dogs with a weird obsession. Sun is always on the menu. I love baseball because it is so laid back, if you miss an inning to go to the bathroom… no big deal! The only unfortunate part is that it rained A LOT this weekend in Missouri.  We had three rain delays during our game…. YES THREE! We stuck it out but OMG our seats were in the uncovered area and there was no saving my hair… as you can see. The 4th of July is defined by baseball for me! There is nothing in the world I would rather do.IMG_2949
  • Finally, if you saw yesterday’s blog… I love the 4th of July. It is my favorite holiday. I love laid back summers, lightning bugs, chilling around a grill or a fire and swimming in a lake. I am so happy that it is officially summer time and I am ready to let the good times roll! The combo of the holiday, baseball and care free attitude has me READY to celebrate! This month will be exciting, I promise!

I am so excited for this week an our postings! The blog will be ever changing, I promise!  Stay tuned for some crazy updates! Happy Summer!



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