Road Trip!

So I might have totally jumped off the deep end here… but I am currently in the middle of the longest road trip of my life… seriously! I know it sounds a little crazy but I needed a break from life for a few days and I also had to finish up the move with my family in Phoenix. So what started as a two-day trip has turned into a six-day trip… IMG_2963So here is what is happening. I left Tuesday morning and drove to Phoenix. I got there Wednesday, spent the night, left Thursday for Seattle, stayed in Boise last night and as you are reading this… I might be in Washington! Here are my MUST HAVES for a road trip:
  • Snacks: Now you all know I love eating clean and healthy but you have to have constant snacks when traveling this much. When I am traveling like this I love fruit and specifically berries. Here is what I packed: two bags of Rainer cherries… MY FAVORITE (of course from Washington). Two bags of sweet mini peppers. 10 apricots, four plums and four peaches. I also pre-packed three salads in coolers so I could stay healthy on the trip. They were so easy to prepare in a Tupperware container pre-made with dressings on the side. I also packed my shake and drank it every morning. I felt totally energized and happy the entire drive!
  • Entertainment: So music is obviously important. I did not even create a playlist for this. I just listened to full albums on Spotify. When you are in a car for 40 hours, you have time for every song on the album. I know a lot of people like to listen to podcasts on the road so I downloaded my first ever podcast… ya’ll would be so proud.  (LATE TO THE PARTY) I downloaded and listened to the entire first season of the Serial Podcast. This might sound even crazier… but there were probably 20 hours I spent in the car just in quiet. It was amazing. Nevada almost killed me… honestly after Las Vegas, going north, there is nothing. I passed a road sign that said “No gas for 128 miles’ WHAT???!!!
  • Love: On Thursday I talked to my best friend for about an hour. I talked to friends from work and a few friends not from work. It is the first time in a long time where I have had the hours to dedicate to a phone call and actually catch up with people. I stayed with my aunt and uncle on Wednesday night in Phoenix which was a highlight… We played in the pool, relaxed, went to dinner and mostly packed the car for the next day. Finally, the most important piece of LOVE that I packed is the love of my life, my fur baby… Dexter. He is the most amazing travel companion. He made me feel like I was not alone, even when I was over 100 miles from a town with gas.
To be honest… no one knew about this trip… I planned it maybe a week before I left. It was a great road trip for my brain and life, getting to totally unplug for 4 days was actually miraculous.
Now I am coming home!  I will be in Seattle for a while (have not planned my trip back yet… YOLO). Let me know if you want to play! If anyone wants to help me unload the van on Friday afternoon… you’re always welcome to pop by!  HAHA!

Next Week’s blog will be so fun! I am excited about posting from HOME SWEET HOME!


I know you’re dying to know where I got my travel wardrobe 😋!

Thanks to Pi Beta Phi at Mississippi State, Kappa Delta at Southern Miss, Delta Zeta at Tennessee, and Kappa Delta at Maryland for my fabulous ensemble!

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