The First 48…

insta3I have been home on the West Coast for the past 48 hours and it has been AWESOME! I don’t know about you but nothing feels as good as being home. The smells of your house and yard, the sounds of your childhood home and even the taste of your water is so grounding and instantly relieves stress for me. Here is what I have done so far in my first 48 hours back on the West Coast!

  • I have gone on a run. Not just any run, but I have gone to my FAVORITE PLACE to run in the world! There are nature trails outside of my family’s home and I have been running there for years now. It is beautiful in the wee hours of the morning before the sun rises. Since it is a nature preserve, there are all kinds of wildlife and plants. People are super friendly and always say “good morning”. I am generally one of the only people out there that early in the morning so it is peaceful. It is generally flat and it is one of the places I have trained that helped me cut down on my running time. Whenever I am home I make a point to get out there at 5 am every morning. IMG_3442
  • I literally just sat in my dining room and in my living room with my family. When I got in on Friday, my sister came out with my niece and nephew and spent the night. We literally sat and talked for the entire night and the entire next day. We sorted out the items from my grandparents home, laughed at pictures and reminisced. My sister made fun of me CONSTANTLY for how terrible I looked in my pajamas. She did not appreciate my high-sock slippers as much as I did.
  • I hung out with my best friend Chelsie and went out to see one of my favorite boo cakes from home, Louise! I absolutely adore my hometown crew and I never see them enough. Every time I have been home in the past has gone by way too fast and I rarely get to catch up.  But luckily this time since I am here so long I actually get to see my people relax, spend quality time with my family and enjoy myself. I had a great time seeing everyone and most importantly, it reminded me that the best friends in the world are people you do not have to see everyday, but when you do see them it feels like no time has gone by at all! I love you all the most!insta2

I have loved being at home. It has been so relaxing and grounding for me so far. Now I am on a little mini-adventure… Check back in tomorrow to see what we are up to!

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