Washington Wine Country

IMG_9253Being home has been awesome! It has allowed me to be a tourist in my own backyard for a while. Last minute, I decided to hit up Washington wine country with my good friends for the week. I cannot believe I have never been here or visited ANY of the wineries out here! So far we have visited ‘Red Mountain‘ which is known for its perfect soil and climate. We have also hit up the town of Walla Walla and the Yakima Valley. Here is what I have loved so far:

  • I have been a fan of red wines for a long time… specifically Cabernet Sauvignon.  Apparently this area is the PERFECT conditions for red wine. I have tasted some awesome stuff… bought a few bottles and for the most part completely enjoyed the experience!  I would say I am still not awesome at deciphering the different berries or flavors in a bottle or a blend but I know if I like something or not! It took me a few years to fall in love with reds… I, like so many of my lovers out there, started with whites and thought the red variety was gross… then eventually I tried a few different things and expanded my pallet. If you are not into red… my advice is to try again!IMG_9316
  • It can be super intimidating to figure this all out! My advice is, if you ever go wine tasting to just get the flight, don’t buy only one glass. If you only get the wine that you like you will never expand your tastes and your world. Also, when selecting a winery, try to stay away from the places you see on labels in the store… you can get their wine anywhere… go somewhere else… something so small and secluded that you cannot get it anywhere else. Now it is not necessary for you to buy a bottle but if you want to as a fun souvenir, do it! Buy one that you LOVE that you would actually open… not the $300 bottle that you would never open.IMG_9262
  • Best Phrase ever: “May I revisit…” this literally means the person working will give another taste. So I recommend at the end of your tasting you select a few favorites and ‘revisit.’ This will help you decide what you like about a specific wine or what you do not like about something. Also, go on a day that is not a weekend… you will get to know the reps working for the winery and actually get your questions answered. It is a way better mechanism to learn. If you are just going for the Insta pics then feel free to go on a Saturday (honestly we have all been there). Bring friends and try going with a new group each time!

Tomorrow I will be posting about what to wear, where to stay and who to go with!  I hope you all enjoy the pictures and the blog today! I am having a great time!



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