Home Sweet Home!

IMG_2191This week I have had an AMAZING time at home! I grew up in this house and my family moved here when I was six weeks old and have been in my bedroom ever since. Here are the three things I did this week:

  • IMG_2132Get Work Done!: I love being at my parents house because there are not nearly as
    many distractions as my own home office. I think it is always hilarious to see what people look like when they are working from home. I have some pictures attached which basically illustrates for you all a typical ‘at home’ attire for me. This is what my family and my sister specifically make fun of me for whenever they see me. I promise I am wearing shorts. BTW – I bought these slippers in a store off the interstate in New Mexico on my drive last week… I have not taken them off in days.
  • Hang Out With Friends: I got to hang out with my childhood friend Heather yesterday and it was so amazing to have so much time to catch up! Heather moved in beside my family within weeks of being born as well! We did every single grade together, sat on the bus together and did High School together. She is one of the most intelligent and driven women I know! She is wrapping up her dissertation this year and I am so proud of her because I know she has invested so much in this. Also – she just announced she is expecting her and her husband’s first child in December! I am so happy for her and so excited for everything she has accomplished in her life time!IMG_2144
  • Enjoy the PNW: Honestly, there is NOWHERE more beautiful to me than the Pacfic IMG_3456Northwest. My family lives on the water, and you can see the Cascade range from our home. I took a picture of it from my bedroom window this morning when the sun was rising… It was so beautiful! I grew up playing on our beach and I love popping down there to just enjoy the beautiful scenery. Dexter also totally appreciates our piece of property because he gets to run all over, swim whenever and be free range for the most part. It is such a great recharge out here! I am so thankful for the time I have at home… particularly during the summer!

It has been a great trip so far. I cannot tell you all enough how much I needed to be here. I have had the best week ever and I cannot believe how fast it has all gone! I need more time! Have a perfect weekend you all! Enjoy your Friday!


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