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IMG_2218This weekend I was able to play tourist in my own hometown a little!  I was able to go to my favorite restaurants and hit up a few summer festivals! Today I wanted to write about my top 5 favorite restaurants in Seattle! Now, remember there are thousands of amazing places to go so it is hard to pick… All of these are relatively close to Queen Anne which is the neighborhood I lived in!

  • Breakfast: Portage Bay.  This is an EASY win for me!  Everything is local, organic, sustainable and DELICIOUS!!!! I prefer the South Lake Union location.  The Pancake topping bar is reason enough to go!  My fav Savory: West Coast Benedict.  My fav sweet: Buckwheat pancakes then hit up the breakfast bar!
  • Breakfast 2.0: The 5 Spot.  This place is so fun and always changing.  It was one of my fav restaurants within walking distance from my house.  It changes it’s menu every 3 months to represent a different part of the country/world!  Right now it is hosting ‘La isla De Cuba!’  I recommend the Puerco Cubano – Seared Mojo Pork!
  • Date Night Secret: Via Tribunali.  This is a quite Pizzeria in Queen Anne that feels so much like Italy!  They have vino de la casa (which comes in a pitcher… perfect), and amazing pizzas!  There is nothing on this menu that is not delicious!  It is quaint and totally romantic.  Also, completely affordable… which is an added bonus in Seattle!
  • Date Night Duh: Toulouse Petit.  This place is not so secret… but regardless AMAZING!  Whenever I have friends who would come for work or for fun I would always recommend we hit up this place.  The menu is large and completely diverse.  It is CROWDED so make a reservation.  Whenever I am here I always order the seasonal salmon dish, because lets be honest… you can never go wrong with salmon in Seattle!
  • The Classic: Dick’s.  If you have never been to Dick’s you are missing out.  It is Seattle’s version of In & Out without being too over commercialized.  I have been going to this place since I was a little girl whenever possible with my parents.  You have to order (according to my parents and tradition) a Deluxe burger, with fries and a chocolate shake.  My dad once had a stern talking to me in the car when I ordered some weird side.  It is a classic and a MUST SEE if you are ever in Seattle.

I will still be here for a few more days if there are any restaurants I missed let me know!  I am always down to try something new!

** PS – All of my pictures of of a drive up burger place called Big Bubba’s Burgers which is located on the water close to my parents place!  DELICIOUS!



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