Well That Explains A Lot…

7.18.05This past weekend, I had to laugh at myself a few times.  I am usually only home for a few whirlwind days a year.  This visit I have been here for almost 2 weeks now and I feel like I have a new appreciation for who I am.  So here are the weird things that have shaped me:

  • My Family:  So my mom always makes us sort through our old beloved belongings… every. single. time. I am home.  I know your parents were not as sentimental as mine.  My mom saves everything.  I have boxes of American Girl Dolls, Barbies and baby clothes stashed away in our basement.  Well one of the boxes she made my sister and I go through contained some pretty B.A. shirts… ones my sister saved for 20 years.  (See Picture).  Now, what I want you to know is that she did not wear these ironically, as many do… but seriously.  (Luckily since I was a baby I did not have ANY of these in my possession)  We laughed so hard we had to take pictures.  7.18.14

I have to do a sister shoutout here!  When Bri and I were younger we fought like cats and dogs.  Now, BOY HAS THAT CHANGED… She is my best friend and I know I can be so honest with her without a drop of judgement.  There are not many people in your life who you can be so straight forward with besides your siblings.  She is an AMAZING mother.  Brianna is the kind a person who is nice to every single human, animal and creature she meets.  She is an awesome friend and is constantly thinking about the people in her life.  I could hang out with her for HOURS and never get bored.  I am glad I will have her in my life forever!

  • The place I was raised:  It is so stinking beautiful here!  Honestly, I think I love to be outside so much because whenever it is actually sunny here it is pretty spectacular.  One of my good friends, Vince, says that people LOVE the season which gives them a break during their hardest season.  For all y’all that love Fall… I get it, summers are HOT in the South… but there is NOTHING like a July day in the Pacific North West. 7.18.18
  • My Community:  There is nowhere on earth like Hood Canal.  This past weekend our little hometown had it’s annual festival – Allyn Days/Geoduck Festival.  For a fundraiser they serve this amazing salmon plate and cook the entire meal right there at the park.  Now, I have been to a lot of different festivals and never have I ever seen anything like this.  So healthy and fresh.  My favorite stand was the Stretch Island Fruit Leather stand, which is just a hop over the water from my parent’s house.  I remember being SHOCKED when I left Seattle and began traveling around the country at the way people ate.  Being home just reminds me that our entire culture can eat clean and a little healthier and still appreciate life.  7.18.02

This all explains SO MUCH about how I was raised to be a stone cold weirdo!  It has been engrained in me from birth!  My family is purely authentic without fear of judgement.  I love running and being outside because it is absolutely so beautiful here, which reminds me that living clean and healthy are a WAY OF LIFE here.


  1. July 19, 2016 / 6:53 am

    There is nothing like home.

  2. Chelsie
    July 19, 2016 / 8:52 am

    Gosh I love this one. It’s so true…something about being home! Those.shirts….YES!

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