The Rumors are True!

7.19.16So, there are a lot of stereotypes that people throw at me whenever I say I was born and raised in Seattle. Some of them are ridiculous … for example, the rumor that none of the women shave their legs or shower (kind of… haha!). But some of them are SPOT ON! When you live somewhere and someone says, “Hey, I heard…” I get a little defensive. At least I did! Now that I am from out of town, I can actually, honestly, tell you… the rumors are dead on! For example:

  • Everyone is obsessed with coffee: This is actually so true. Whether it is Starbucks or a 7.19.14local place, we love our coffee. We cannot function without it. We meet there, we hang out there, and the coffee line is a legitimate excuse for being late. There is one corner of downtown Seattle with a Starbucks on each of the four corners. I do not know anyone from this place that does not drink it. It is a way of life! We start them young here, too! Whenever I go into a coffee place while I am babysitting my niece, she always tells me what she will be having, and she is 7, you all! One of the best high school jobs a girl can ask for is to work as a barista at a coffee place! Surprisingly enough, I did, and to this day it is still easily one of my favorite places to work! I still stop by whenever I am home.
  • The grunge music trend: So a majority of the population is not worshiping Kurt Cobain any longer … but that does not mean there is not a strong following. Honestly, Seattlelites pride themselves on their progressive taste in music. They will turn their noses up at the top 40 and if you ever start a conversation with a local about music, it will be a constant one upper on bands and albums and obscurity. A LOT of amazing bands have come out of the area and people will not be afraid to remind you of the talent seeping from our streets. One of my old flames made me a mix tape once (legit hipster). The first time I listened to it, I had NEVER HEARD A SINGLE SONG on the tape. To this day, I still hear songs from it in edgy restaurants, bars, shops and stores… If only he knew how progressive his taste in music was (oh… but I think he did… legit hipsters are like that, they know). Here are three songs from the mix tape that you potentially have heard:
  • The weather & the black: So I took a picture of the weather yesterday so you could see 7.19.06what a beautiful sunny day looks like in July out here. It is so cloudy here a lot of the times… which, consequently, means everyone wears black, constantly. I almost refuse to wear the color in rebellion for being forced to wear it for so long (JK). But also, people are obsessed with Nordstrom here – and Nordstrom provides every item it sells in black or light black (gray). I, like everyone else here, am also obsessed with Nordstrom. One of the greatest compliments I have ever received was from my posse of girls in graduate school when they told me “You dress like a Nordstrom catalogue.” The pure bliss I experienced was unforgettable. During my few weeks here in town I have been in the store 4 times. Yes, I have a shopping problem, and, no, I am not prepared to give it up. Next to my Fitbit app, it might be the most frequently used app on my phone.

    The Seattle Public Library!  My favorite building in town!

I am flying out today and headed back to Indianapolis for work! I hope you all have enjoyed my trip! I feel refreshed and grounded after this crazy excursion and I am pumped to be ramping up for August. Sorry about all of the selfies from today! I went to the U District (University of Washington) to meet with a few UW Panhellenic officers yesterday… so no one was around to be my photographer!


  1. July 20, 2016 / 5:19 am

    Being from Ireland there is a TONNE of stereotypes about us! Some are pretty true but you can get some pretty off ones as well!

  2. July 20, 2016 / 7:15 pm

    One Irish girl to another….I know what you mean!

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