It’s A Family Tradition!

IMG_2271First of all, I was a little frustrated and depressed about the blog last week. I was just constantly wondering what was the point, and that people probably hated it, or thought I was narcissistic or something. Then I checked my Snapchat for the first time in a long time and I almost started crying. I had so many snaps from you all about the blog! Thank you so much for the pictures of your Nordstrom Sale purchases, showing me your bags of Rainer Cherries, and the stuff you bought because of my Shop This Posts! I appreciate it so much more than you all know. I love you all more than you know.

Back to it… This weekend I attended one of the world famous ‘Franken Weddings.’ So you might be wanting some background information on this.  Brendon’s Mom is one of six ‘Franken’ children from Tipton, Missouri.  Their matriarch, Velma Rose, is one of the most popular 90-year-olds I have ever met.  There are a lot of cousins and A LOT of Franken weddings. I ADORE going to these events because growing up in my neighborhood and in my family, I never saw anything quite like this! Here are my FAVORITE aspects of these large family gatherings:

  • When I say large, it hardly begins to scratch the surface. I think there were 500 people at this wedding… yes 500.  Brendon is one of 15 cousins (I think), and now they are all having children and I don’t know what number they are at. This family is so large they rent out the school gym to have their Christmas… because they don’t fit in anyone’s house.  At this wedding, there are garbage cans full of ice with beer in it. I cannot imagine how you would cater this thing.  I am CONFIDENT it was the hottest party in Moniteau county that night (PS – that is pronounced Mon-a- tau… which will be what I name my son if he is the high school quarterback… or a good bird dog).  It is a situation where you get in early and reserve your seat… but don’t worry there is always plenty of brisket!IMG_2247
  • This family is thick as thieves. There are four aunts (including Brendon’s mom) and they are all replicas of one another. Whenever we get together at some point in the end of the night you will look over and the four of them are all sitting at a table together drinking, eating and laughing about old memories. They are best friends and it makes me so thankful for my own sister. They all are a part of one another’s daily lives even though they do not all live in the same town. Their mother is the sun and everyone in the family, and the town it seems like rotates around her… because she is so beloved.  This family loves to have FUN!  They play pranks, they give gag gifts, they are old school German Catholic and love to celebrate! Ps – Do not pass out at a Franken Wedding… there will be photographic evidence.IMG_2293IMG_2292
  • Sooooo… There is this tradition.  Brendon and I celebrated our anniversary on Friday and it brought me back to our wedding. When you get married in life… you get to make a play list, and a ‘do not play list.’  Brendon added one song to the do not play list that I had never heard of so I did not question it… Little did I know he was trying to prevent one of the most HILARIOUS/timeless traditions his family has.  There is this song, called Family Tradition, by Hank Williams Jr. and the family sings it but they change the word ‘Family,’ to ‘Franken.’ Brendon was a little nervous about it. I think he believed my entire Seattle family would be deeply offended or…. but they were actually all jealous. So his family won at the end, I was officially inducted into the Franken family on July 22, 2012, with fervor. Now I love it. Some other common songs at these weddings include: Copperhead Road, Callin’ Baton Rouge, Fishin’ in the dark, and Dixieland Delight… Be still my heart!

I cannot tell you all of the details of this town and this family. This place is a blast, always changing but always the same. I hope you all had an awesome weekend!  We are in the middle of a crazy HEAT wave! Holy cow it is hot… the dog days are here.

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