The Best Advice From A Hair Stylist

SusanKJA lot of people ask me where I get my hair done and how I found my stylist. No one actually believes me when I tell them I have ‘family hair,’ meaning, I have a family member do my hair for me. It took me a LONG time to find someone I loved and I have paid major dollars for my hair in the past (like $300). Luckily my sister-in-law is AMAZING at what she does and I am constantly thankful she is my stylist. When I was in Vegas at one of the fanciest salons I have ever stepped foot in, my stylist who is so sought after and so chic he has two assistants, kept complimenting me on how amazing my cut and color was. I TRUST Susan so much… I am giving her the blog today!


MY FIRST EVER GUEST BLOGGER, Susan Steenbergen sat down for a little Q&A today when she did my cut and color. Here is what she had to say:

Q: What are your favorite products, both shampoo/conditioner and styling products?

Susan: My favorite shampoos and conditioners are number one, Aveda. Any Aveda product, all shampoos, conditioners or styling products. I have never met a product I do not like that Aveda makes. It does not weight the hair down. If it says it block humidity, it truly blocks humidity. Their shampoo for blondes, the Blue Malva is THE BEST! I like Moroccan Oil, both their shampoos and conditioner and their oil. I love their strong hair spray, because it holds but it is not so strong and sticky that you cannot work with it. I love Big Sexy Volumizer and I always go back to Aveda. Their volumizing product is wonderful. There is this thing called Volumizing Powder. It is good for sprinkling in your hair and it gives it that dirty bed-head sexy look… It is so easy. Just sprinkle it on your scalp and run your fingers through it.

Q: If you are trying to grow your hair out, what are some tips?

S: Use a lot of headbands, party ponies and top knots to get your bangs out of your face. Try to get as many layers as possible out of your hair. Get a cute little bob and keep cutting it until all of the layers are out… and then really start growing it long. Otherwise it can be a disaster and feel like you have a mullet.  IMG_4749

Q: How often should you wash your hair?

S: I would say every 2-3 days… and people who say they have to wash their hair every day have just not trained their hair. If you wash your hair every other day it will get less oily, because your scalp learns that routine just like your skin does. It produces as much oil as it needs to to keep up with how much you wash it. USE DRY SHAMPOO! I am pretty bad and like the cheap stuff. My favorite is Not Your Mom’s Dry Shampoo from Target!

Q: What is the most helpful thing a person can tell a stylist when they are coming in for an appointment for a cut and color?

S: I love pictures. Use Pinterest. Pinterest has been great for people because they cannot always articulate what they want, but if they have a picture of what they want that is perfect. Don’t expect it to look exactly like the picture, but it does give you a better idea. If someone comes in and says ‘Well, I just want a couple layers,’ There is no such thing as a two layer haircut… it is either layered or not layered.

Q: Where should you spend money in hair?  Stylist? Product? Tools?

S: It needs to be kind of evenly spread out… but your products are SO IMPORTANT, because if you don’t have healthy hair, you are not going to have hair as some point. You need to take care of your hair first. But find a good stylist who listens to you… if they truly listen to you, you will come out of there getting exactly what you want.  IMG_1202

Q: So you are a mom, you sell Stella & Dot, you are an entrepreneur with your hair business. What is your best advice for a young girl who is just trying to figure out how to get what she wants out of life?

S: Just go for it. Believe in yourself. If you want it, it will take work but you have what it takes to do the word. Have a glass of wine. Most importantly just be a girl boss.

Susan is amazing! I hope you liked this little takeover from her! Also if you want to find her, schedule a hair cut with her, or look into her for Stella & Dot, here is how you can do that!


  1. July 26, 2016 / 2:38 pm

    Loved this post! It’s so nice to get sort of a inside look at what stylists think & value most. I totally agree with Susan — products are wildly important. I’m actually a brandy new beauty blogger, I was hoping you could check out my blog and give me a few tips? Love your blog!

    • July 27, 2016 / 12:46 pm

      Thanks! I checked out your blog! I am loving your content!

      • July 27, 2016 / 5:09 pm

        Thanks so much! It means a lot to me. (:

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