How to: Pack Day 2

How to get the most bang out of your mini-suitcase.

First of all, I had three really good questions I wanted to answer from yesterday’s post:

Q: So you don’t roll your clothes?

A: No, I lay them flat because when you make them as compact as possible they give less for your shoes or other hard items (make-up/Clarisonic/hair tools). I can fit in more by laying flat.

Q: Does this fit in the overhead? When do you check? What do you do about products?

A: YES! I should have mentioned this! When you select a hard-shell it ALWAYS fits overhead as long as you do not open up the expander (and even then sometimes it will). Every time I had a soft-sided suitcase I would struggle getting it into the overhead and I would have to convince all the hyper-alpha-business men sitting around me that I knew what I was doing! – PS all products will be in tomorrow’s post!

Now, this will scare some of you… but I NEVER CHECK… EVER. First of all, it requires me to be at the airport earlier and sometimes that is impossible in my line of work. Secondly, I do not have 10 – 20 minutes to sit at an airport at 12:30 at night when I am supposed to speak in 7 hours… and this is for 50 days in a row. Finally, mistakes happen. Even though airlines are better than ever now with getting you your luggage… I cannot AFFORD to not have my stuff for a day. I will tell you a story about the University of Iowa some day.

Q: What do you do about dirty clothes? Underwear?

A: I pack enough undergarments for three weeks (They are tiny for us ladies). I can usually last on what I am about to talk about for three weeks before needing the laundry. I am the opposite of a clean freak and I do not mind my dirty clothing touching my clean stuff. I have done my laundry in the craziest places… specifically one Sorority Chapter house at the University of Kentucky.

So here is the info for today’s post:

The key to packing is keeping it essential. Plan what you are going to wear ahead and do not weigh yourself down with options. I always overpack when I am unsure. Stick to the basics. This is why a capsule closet is awesome because everything you own is fierce and works well together.

  1. Non-Professional Clothing: I always put all of these things on one side. I pack three T-shirts (two short sleeve & one long) for sleeping. Three pairs of PJ bottoms (two long & one short). I pack three workout outfits. One for HOT weather, one that is really loose for ‘fluffy’ days and one that I can kick around in if necessary. I also pack on this side, a sweatshirt, fuzzy sleep socks, my Clarisonic, my Sonicare, and my curling iron. I put all of this on one side because I try to keep my stuff that gets the most wear and dirtiest as far as possible away from my work clothing.IMG_2320workoutPajamas
    1. ‘Lazy Mornings’ Lounge Pants, 2. PJ Salvage Print Pajama Pants, 3. Women Seersucker Lounge Short, 4. Nike Racerback Dri-FIT Tank, 5. Nike ‘Pro’ Dri-FIT Shorts, 6. Nike ‘Modern Tempo’ Running Shorts, 7. Sweaty Or Not Runsie, 8. Fast Lane Singlet, 9. Kale Crew Sweatshirt, 10. Cozy Crew Socks
  2. Professional Clothing: Now this is where I do not mess around. I usually buy five dresses for August. I have gotten some heat from a few important people in my life about how much money I spend on clothing… and this department is where I SPLURGE. If you are going to be wearing the same five things for seven weeks… they better be EXCELLENT quality and still exciting to you on the 10th. Confidence is EVERYTHING in my life and I make sure what wear makes me feel awesome. I only pack dresses because I cannot second guess what I am doing or waste 10 minutes trying on different options in the mirror. Also, WAY less space. Besides – it is OK to spend a lot on a dress in my opinion because it is your entire outfit. For my five dresses, I rank them from most casual to least casual and wear one I can pair with flip flops all the way up to pumps on stage with 3,000 people. (See the picture)IMG_2323dresses
    1. Elizabeth and James Blue Halter Fit & Flare Dress, 2. Rebecca Minkoff White Cap Sleeve Tunic Dress, 3. Amanda Uprichard Winthrop Dress, 4. Milly Mosaic Racerback Dress, 5. Layna Palms Print-Blocked Lace Dress
  3. Shoes: I used to not be a shoe girl, but in the past two years I have gotten more and more into them. The rule of traveling with shoes is that everything has to be in one color palette so you can mix and match easily. If you want to pack clothing that goes with black shoes, only pack your black stuff. If you want to wear more neutrals and cognacs… everything should be in that color palette. Everything in your suitcase should be interchangeable and wearable with one another. I always bring my running shoes and workout gear with me. So running shoes are the first in the suitcase, every single time. Now, I pack a cute pair of sandals… generally two pairs. I pretty much always pick a neutral palette because  that is a majority of what I own. Right now, I am packing my Jack Rogers and my Tory Burch Flip Flops. I really might try to pack my Tassel Sandals this year too. Then I pack my pumps – The Stuart Weitzman Nudist is the PERFECT classic pump. If I have more room, I will pack a wedge. I don’t pack my classic wedge but an edgier one to mix it up a little. If I still have room I will pack my Edgy heel. Here are the three I am considering this year! (One, Two, Three)IMG_2327shoes1. Vince Camuto ‘Barsha’ Lace-up Pump2. Stuart Weitzman ‘Nudist’ Sandal, 3. Tory Burch ‘Miller’ Flip Flop, 4. Jack Rogers Flip Flop, 5. Marc Fisher ‘Adalyn’ Espadrille Wedge

I never feel like I have to sacrifice style for space in my travel life. I don’t think you should have to! Get your best stuff in your bag and you will never feel like you sacrificed! Get excited for tomorrow and products! Send me questions if you have them!

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