How to: Pack Day 3

IMG_2328Today is the third and final round of my packing series! I hope you are enjoying my tips and proven tactics!

This entry is all about products. I think I shock people constantly when they think about traveling for an entire month out of a carry-on. Just like most things, I keep it tight and only pack what I absolutely need. It has helped me plan my beauty regiment really perfectly as well. So here are my three product tips:

  • Buy as much as you can in solid form if possible. Since you can only bring so many liquids onto a plane, this is the toughest part. First thing I do is obviously use baby powder instead of dry shampoo which is an aersol. I also use tanning wipes instead of a sun-less tanning lotion or liquid. I bring an old school (really awesome and smells AMAZING) bar of soap with me instead of body wash… I don’t like hotel ones because they dry me out and I am allergic to EVERYTHING. Finally, the biggest trick I have learned is to use coconut oil instead of lotion. It is a solid in it’s natural state and I melt it down and place it into these adorable travel jars I found in Target. This alone saves me a TON of space in my tiny liquid bag.IMG_2336
  • What I do reserve for my liquid bag: I always buy mini-shampoos. Here are my three favorite (one, two, three). And if you wash your hair less, you luckily will not need very much product! I can use one of these little kits for a month! I put my face wash in here too. I purchased these mini Nalgene bottles and can put an entire month’s worth of BOTH my face washes in here. But if you are dying for space and you want a solution… La Mer makes a GREAT facial wash bar of soap, so it is a solid! I also put toothpaste in here… travel size. I don’t put my mascara or much of my makeup in this bag. A lot of travelers will switch to a solid form of foundation when they are traveling in order to not check a bag.IMG_2332
  • The biggest tip: My face regiment is pretty extreme, maybe you remember from these two posts. Because I work with a specific skin care specialist and am a loyal customer to Nordstrom, every time there is a gift season I get everything I need for travel AS SAMPLES! Literally, my face oil, my serum, my eye cream, my lotion, my anti – aging wipes and my weekly peel! I thinks this is my BEST secret to traveling as much as I do, in the small carry-on suitcase I use and NEVER sacrificing my products or my style. Sometimes you can purchase a kit like this that is full of travel size products!

I know this all sounds like a lot of work to just not check a bag and wait 20 minutes, or lose your luggage for 24 hours. Honestly, my suitcase and my computer bag are my sole possessions in August. As lame as it sounds it is my lighthouse. I know I can always get stuff accomplished as long as I have my suitcase.

Finally, If you are going to be a fierce traveler… you have got to stick to the basics. Removing clutter from my life and buying products that I LOVE (though they may be expensive) has given me a lot of inner peace. It is not about the quantity of products you use, or outfits you own or shoes you pack… it is all about the way they make you feel… do they make you feel like a million bucks? People travel around the earth with a backpack… you can make it to your work trip with just two pairs of shoes (of course your favorite and most fierce shoes).


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