So This Is August!

IMG_2339I took off yesterday to begin my August adventure!  

Update:  I will only be blogging 3 days a week until the week of September 26th.  I just cannot manage all of the travel and editing everything during these two months!  So check back in frequently, but I will most likely do Monday, Tuesday and Thursday of each week!  Don’t worry!  I will still be promoting on Social Media so you will know when there is an update!

IMG_2342Last minute updates from home:

  • I have been working with my team to do a lot of Consultant trainings for the past two weeks.  A week and a half ago I went to Indy to train Alpha Sigma Alpha, Alpha Omicron Pi and Alpha Epsilon Phi’s consultants.  There are some pictures attached!  Also, last week I went to Columbus Ohio to train Delta Gamma’s consultants and Kappa Kappa Gamma’s consultants!  Can I just say… I fell IN LOVE with Columbus. I have never been to Ohio State’s campus, but it is massive, and such a cool place.  It is along this river and has beautiful running trails.  The street next to it is called High Street and there are fun shops unique restaurants and overall a place I would LOVE to hang out at!  I loved my quick trip there and I highly recommend it if you have a free second!IMG_3556
  • This weekend was one of my favorite weekends in Columbia.  It is called ‘Dog Days,’ and all of the local boutiques put their summer things up for MAJOR clearance.  My favorite clothing boutique, Swank, had a lot of great Free People stuff that was marked down to $30.  All of it would be perfect Fall pieces and great transitional pieces.  I purchased three things!  This Yellow dress (perfect for football season).  This sweater dress but in this olive color (I could not find it online), great for Fall!  And finally this fun linen and tassel dress which will be going in my suitcase for September!  Shopping Advice:  This is the best time to hit up local stores and capitalize on discounts.  Especially boutiques.  They are trying to clean out their summer thins to make room for Fall.  Once on one of these sales, I purchased a pair of Rachel Zoe silk pants for 90% off!  That ended up costing me $25!  It will take a lot of digging to find good shops with good discounts, but now is the time to STRIKE!IMG_2347
  • Finally, I left Sunday morning at the crack of dawn to do my first speaking day!  I speak Sunday then fly again Sunday night!  I included a map so you can see all of the places I am going for the next few days!  I have 51 speaking programs until September 20th!  So I am feeling the hustle!  I got ready in the airport… as always!  I got TONS of compliments on my ‘travel dress,’ which I talked about in this blog… but bought it for $10 at Old Navy!  I spent last week wrapping up all of my beauty regiments so I would be ready for this week!  I have Cajun Shrimp on my toes and Let Me Bayou A Drink on my fingers!  Did my Hair, and my eyebrows!  I am READY coach!  Put me in!Map

Let me know if there is anything you all want to know about when I am on the road!  There are a lot of options for the months of crazy travel!  

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  1. Mogar
    August 4, 2016 / 9:08 am

    Playing catch up on the blog. Columbus is my FAVORITE! Total gem of a city, and I love Ohio State. I mean THE Ohio State, sorry. 😉

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