IMG_3586Yesterday I traveled to one of my FAVORITE campuses. I am IN LOVE with Oklahoma State. I am aware that Stillwater, OK is a small town and somewhat remote… regardless. I am obsessed with this place. Here are the updates from my quick trip!

  • The day was a LONG one! Sometimes people ask about the details of my work, like how long I work or how long I speak. I think they assume I only do 60-minute keynotes and it is the same every time. This could not be more off target. In my About Me section, I talk about how I always try to say “yes” to a client or an opportunity. I really believe if I am already out there, what will it hurt to add one more hour and one more section. Yesterday I spoke for 12 hours, to 12 different chapters at OK State. I know each chapter pretty well and am IN LOVE with the women in these sororities. Even though it might have been a long day, it was CRAZY to me how upbeat and positive the women were. They all work incredibly hard to make each other proud.IMG_2360
  • I said I loved this campus. Every time I have gone here, I have been able to wake up early and go for a run before the sun rises. It is beautiful. The buildings and the landscaping¬†and the quiet of campus that early in the morning is such a highlight in my day. I know it sounds a little overzealous to wake up after only six¬†hours of sleep and go for a run, but that type of activity gets my brain going. I think if I spent an additional 45 minutes in bed, I would be more tired at the end of the day.
  • IMG_2357This place is full of amazing hostesses! The women and staff will pick me up in my hotel and escort me around all day! They get meals with me and make sure I have water or coffee or whatever I need. Every chapter house I step foot in is prepared for me and has everything organized and ready. I cannot sing their praises enough! This is one of my first August days every year and I am THRILLED to start if all off this way!

I am flying again this morning to the next project! Remember I am not posting again until Thursday so stay tuned!



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  1. Bria Bolton Moore
    August 3, 2016 / 6:25 am

    My alma mater! Love that place and so glad you could visit!

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