The Nightmare of Logistics

IMG_7971I am the opposite of a detail-oriented person. I am a big picture thinker. I consider how this will effect the overall vision and goal… but I am not a step-by-step person. In fact, I am a “let’s get there and figure it out from there” type of girl. I am totally adaptable and surprisingly flexible (for how stubborn I am). A lot of these things make me really great at my job… except the planning can be exhausting for me. Here are the truths about the planning for a work season like ours at Phired Up:

  • The Domino Effect: Everything effects the next thing during this month. If my flight is a hour behind schedule and I begin talking a hour behind schedule, it has the potential to mess everything up for the next few days. The pressure I put on myself to not only be excellent on stage but flawless in my timing and airport travel, rental car, driving distance and overall schedule is … A LOT. I think if anything makes me crumble at any point, it is the pressure of the logistics, because I am not naturally good at this stuff. I have learned how to be successful, but it has taken me a few years. Also if I mess up it costs money… like A LOT of money for my company… because of an error I MADE! For example, being just an hour late returning your rental car can cost about $100! So when people ask me how August is going or if it is hard… the hardest part is the constant pressure of the timing and perfect execution it takes to pull off a MAJOR month like this!
  •  The Constant Thoughts: Honestly my head is always churning when I am on the road this month. My brain is full of thoughts going on in my head that sound like, “okay, if this rental car bus leaves in the next 30 seconds, I could be at my hotel in 12 minutes and by the time I brush my teeth I could be in bed by 11:30… If I get up and go for a run at 6:00 that will give me over six hours of sleep, but tomorrow night I don’t land until 1:00 AM, so do you think you can sleep on the plane tomorrow night?  Wait you have to send out those emails, you won’t have time to sleep on the plane tomorrow night… so should I go for a run tomorrow morning? Oh good, the bus is leaving.” Every moment I am compromising and figuring out when to take care of me. I always try to give as much of myself to the women I work with but at the end of the day, I have to do a  little something for me… but it takes energy just to squeeze that in.  
  • Am I crazy?:  On Tuesday morning (on my drive from Stillwater to the OKC airport) I called the airline to get some earlier times on a flight, the representative said, ‘which one’… then they had to hand me to someone else because she said my calendar was a little too complicated… I had utterly confused this poor person. I have 20 flights booked right now, I have 10 rental cars reserved, I have hotel rooms booked for the next three weeks… Which is so hard to manage and even more difficult for other people to understand. If one thing goes wrong and I have a canceled flight, this has potential to all fall apart. Maybe this is too much pressure for one person? This is why I generally don’t talk about it with people, because I feel crazy when I talk to them… for me it is the nature of what I do and the job I love, but for others they look at me like maybe I am overthinking it. Am I overthinking it?

Even though I am only half way through week one… I am already feeling the strain! It has been hard to take pictures but I will be better over the weekend… I promise. It should be an interesting weekend.


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